If You're A Capricorn, Here's The Poetry Collection You Should Read

There's a line between being admired and being respected, and Capricorns know exactly where that boundary falls. After all, when your sense of self-worth is built on the quality of work you do and not the quantity, Co-Star Astrology points out you're probably sensitive to the high that comes from earning respect.

It's why you've probably already read all of the well-known poetry collections, or anything mentioned on any syllabus of any class you've even thought about taking. Like Co-Star Astrology points out, one of a Capricorn's major traits is that they find more fulfillment from personal challenges than outside recognition. J.R.R. Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe, J.D. Salinger, Patti Smith, and Donna Tartt of "The Secret History" fame are just some of the iconic Capricorn writers (via The Famous People). From "The Hobbit" to "The Catcher in the Rye," these works all not only read like personal challenges to the authors, but deal with a bigger, invisible villain: time.

This could be why InStyle points out that Capricorns prefer pragmatism over poetry. They like their boundaries and are all too aware of the hard-stop of time when a life ends. There are no second chances. Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, turns up the volume on the stopwatch counting down the minutes of their lives. But this is why, no matter if your sun, moon, or rising sign falls in Capricorn, we're challenging you to set aside a few minutes to dig into some poetry and enjoy its beauty. Warning: Big feelings may arise.

Read Together and By Ourselves by Alex Dimitrov if your sun is in Capricorn

Capricorns are what Co-Star Astrology calls the "masters of discipline" and "ultimate perfectionist[s]." But sometimes — even when those descriptors are being used in a positive way — a Capricorn's life is often lonely and isolating; being unable to depend on other people, feeling like it's a gamble or a weakness, can be a wall between you and personal relationships, warns Co-Star Astrology.

But so much self-sufficiency also comes with an individuality and authenticity streak that mindbody green explains is unique for people with their sun in Capricorn. With Saturn as Capricorn's planetary ruler, there's a timeless quality to you that is evident in everything from your cheekbones to your lack of participation in fast fashion. It's why Alex Dimitrov's sophomore poetry collection, "Together and By Ourselves," will probably be your new favorite book.

Named by Book Riot as one of the 50 "Best Poetry Books From Authors of Contemporary Works," Dimitrov's collection takes on classic questions and themes, creating a sense of timelessness that will appeal to Capricorns. The Kenyon Review explains that the poems in "Together and By Ourselves" take place "nowhere and everywhere" and "move throughout time, across America, in and out of a solitary and collective past and present," in an exploration of how we experience memory.

Lonely Capricorns especially will connect with the opening line of the titular poem: "I opened the window so I could hear people." 

Moon is in Capricorn? Read When My Brother Was an Aztec by Natalie Diaz

Your sun sign, however, is only one piece of your astrological puzzle. What zodiac sign the moon falls in on your birth chart, AstroStyle explains, influences your interior life: how you feel things, how you express emotions, how you love, what makes you feel safe and secure.

If your moon is in Capricorn, you probably have a reputation for being stoic. AstroStyle explains this is less about emotions and more to do with the fact that Lunar Capricorns have a hard time trusting their gut. But according to Allure, there's a wilder, darker side to Lunar Capricorns that they might need reminding about, which is why "When My Brother Was an Aztec" by Natalie Diaz is the perfect poetry collection for them. 

Diaz's debut poetry collection is described by Apartment Therapy as "a brilliant examination of Native American identity, sexuality, eroticism, substance abuse, femininity, and loss." Not only does this collection touch themes of family and tradition — both of which are highly valued by all Capricorns — but will challenge readers to witness rather than look away from uncomfortable topics.

Sink Review goes further in their review of the collection, adding that the exploration of identity is examined through the lens of "a family and culture made violent by European exploitation." These aren't meant to be confessional, Sink Review cautions, but instead abstract emotional excavations as Diaz circles closer to understanding her own personal mythology.

If Capricorn is your rising sign, read Hunger by Alice Derry

Old soul, wise beyond your years: these are just a few things people with Capricorn as their rising sign are used to hearing themselves described.

"They're generally very image-conscious people," Cafe Astrology explains about Capricorn Ascendants, adding that even their outfits are carefully curated camouflage. AstroStyle points out that this level of image-management can sometimes be read as shyness or being aloof, when in actuality there's just a lot going on in your head. You're determined not to let past mistakes, yours or other people's, repeat.

It's why if you're a Capricorn Rising, you really need to read Alice Derry's "Hunger." In her review of the collection, Tess Gallagher told Oprah Daily "Hunger" is "a word-stone hurled into the present from a time when [Derry's] parents let their children go hungry while pursuing religious and resonance agendas." According to Allure, Capricorns are particularly adept at navigating the liminal spaces between the material and emotional worlds, which is exactly the space "Hunger" occupies. As Derry digs into personal and societal generational trauma, readers will be inspired to do the same.

As AstroStyle reminds us, the only way Capricorn Risings find true freedom is by asking for help. Whether this means finally expanding your inner circle or delegating any task at all, these are most likely major growth moments you're already on the path towards. Let "Hunger" be that baby step towards the weightlessness you've been chasing all your life.