Your Fairytale Wedding Needs These Sweet And Trendy Treats - Exclusive

The Wedding Report has estimated that 2.5 million weddings will take place in 2022, the highest number the U.S. has seen since 1984. Every couple putting together their special day will want to find ways to not only show off their personal style, but also wow family and friends. Luckily, you don't need to be a royal to have a fairy tale wedding. In fact, even if you're planning a wedding on a budget, you can find simple ways to set your event apart from others. 


One way to do just that is to think beyond the traditional wedding cake and offer some trendy sweet treats at your festivities. After all, who doesn't love dessert? "Sweets are always on trend, and guests like to try multiple items if available," Nora Sheils of Rock Paper Coin said. "Try to order mini one or two bite-sized items so nothing goes to waste and your guests can make sure their sweet tooth is happy."

From cupcakes and cookies to ice cream and pie, there are so many options to choose from, so where to begin? The List asked some wedding pros to weigh in on some of the trendiest sweet treats for the coming year. 

Over-the-top milkshakes

Samantha Leenheer of Samantha Joy Events loves the idea of offering guests the chance to order from a milkshake bar. Couples can partner with a local ice cream shop to create an on-site experience where family and friends can order their milkshake and see it made right on-site. "You can mix and match a few of your favorite milkshakes with fun toppings," she told The List. "They are easy to grab and go for guests who continue to dance the night away or are headed home."


In fact, when it comes to sweet treats, grab and go is often the best option because guests don't need to sit down to enjoy them. Some other ideas include freshly cooked churros with a choice of dipping sauces — from spicy chocolate to caramel or a smooth dark chocolate dipping sauce. You can also have a deluxe coffee bar where everyone can enjoy their own customized cup of joe.

Alcohol-infused popsicles

Why not give guests a two-for-one with a sweet treat that also allows them to enjoy a cocktail at the same time? A fun trend is incorporating alcohol into frozen treats, such as boozy popsicles, spiked ice pops, or shaved ice with a kick, Nora Sheils of Rock Paper Coin told The List. These make great welcome "cocktails" as guests are in the sun awaiting a ceremony to begin, during cocktail hour to loosen up, or later in the night to take things up a notch. Discuss creative and unique presentations with your caterer, and be sure to label that the items include alcohol. There should also be non-alcoholic options for guests on-hand, especially if there are going to be children or teens in attendance.


You might also want to serve some additional childhood-inspired treats that will wow your guests. Think gourmet ho-ho's and ding-dongs, and warm chocolate chip cookies. "All things your friends who are likely drinking and dancing will love!" explains Sheils. 

Customized cookies

Cookie tables are a hot dessert trend right now that will carry over throughout 2023, Sam Nelson of EVL Events told The List. Couples will either have families bring a wide assortment of cookies to have displayed on the table, or some couples will elevate the table and have professionally-made, custom cookies available. Kimberly Sisti of SISTI & CO agreed, explaining that custom cookies are a sweet way to incorporate a fun treat into the celebration. "They can be served before the ceremony, after dinner, or even in bags for guests to take home. It might not last forever, but chances are high you might be able to snag a few extra with you for the ride home!" she said.


For couples that want to offer more than cookies, look into setting up a "grazing table" with a variety of desserts, including cakecicles, donut holes, cookie sandwiches, candy, tarts, and more. This way, there will be a little something for everyone.

Mini wedding cakes

Of course, some couples cannot imagine getting married without a beautiful wedding cake. Instead of spending money — and time if you would make your own wedding cake – you can place mini wedding cakes on each guest table for family and friends to enjoy. Mix it up with different flavors and designs for each one. As Sam Nelson of EVL Events told The List, only about 15% of her couples still opt for a full-size cake, and many are skipping the traditional "cake cutting" part of the ceremony. "Currently, more and more couples are doing unannounced cake cuttings or none at all," she explained.


Whether you opt for a small or large wedding cake, feel free to be bold with your colors. "All things bright and colorful are making a comeback, especially florals," Jenna Brisson of Jenna Brisson Photography revealed. "I've seen quite a few cakes decorated with vibrant florals or dried colorful floral pieces this season."