William And Harry's Reconciliation May Come Down To One Thing

Earlier this year, royal watchers were relieved to learn that warring brothers Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex had enjoyed a quiet reconciliation behind closed doors. In the run-up to the queen's Platinum Jubilee — which Harry traveled to attend with his wife Meghan Markle and their two kids — he and his older brother endeavored to speak as often as possible. The Mirror confirmed they were chatting predominantly over FaceTime, with their wives staying out of it.

William and Harry were also regularly messaging each other on WhatsApp, with a goal to finally get close once again. As an insider explained, "The brothers needed time for everything to settle down. The family, including William, had been disappointed in the way Harry and Meghan chose to leave the royal family." Slowly but surely, the siblings seemed to be reaffirming their bond. However, when the Jubilee rolled around, they didn't interact in the public eye, per Elle.

In fact, word from the event was that the Cambridges and the Sussexes actively avoided each other in an effort to keep the drama to a minimum. Moreover, just a short while later, a royal insider claimed William and Harry's relationship is beyond repair. Now, though, another expert reckons there might be hope for the future after all.

Harry's bombshell memoir will likely be the deciding factor

Sadly, the so-called "royal rift" between Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and his younger brother Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex is going to get worse before it gets better, according to royal expert Phil Dampier. Further, per The U.S. Sun, the author suggested there's no hope of a reconciliation until after Harry's book finally comes out. But, if it's as damaging as the royal family expects it to be, there will likely be a long way to go before the brothers finally see eye to eye again.

"I can't see any chance of a reconciliation between the Sussexes and the Cambridges until Harry's book is out of the way," Dampier stated. "And it's likely to make things worse!" Angela Levin, who wrote a biography of the Duke of Sussex, agreed with her fellow royal author, sharing, "I've been told by a well-informed source that Harry's memoir will focus heavily on the death of his mother Princess Diana, and who he blames."

This is likely to rub William the wrong way as well as upset the rest of their family. As a source teased Page Six, the tell-all tome reveals details of Harry's life story hitherto untold and should rightfully make the royals "nervous." The prince himself, meanwhile, has promised only "a firsthand account of my life that's accurate and wholly truthful."

The royal family is reportedly bracing for the worst with the upcoming book

With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's upcoming UK visit just weeks away, all eyes are on whether the royal defectors will spend any time with the rest of the royal family. A well-placed source in Buckingham Palace confirmed with The Daily Beast that they did receive advance notice the Sussexes were coming over, but Prince William and Prince Charles are "treating Harry with caution until his memoir, due out later this year, is published."

During a recent appearance on British chat show "Lorraine," royal expert Russell Myers described the book as "explosive" and claimed the Duke of Sussex is still feeling pretty "raw" over everything that happened, according to Express. "No doubt, he will be speaking a lot about the trauma and the grief he went through and how that shaped him as a person," Myers said. 

Royal editor Roya Nikkhah went even further, claiming during a chat on Times Radio it could "cause some of the biggest drama the royal family has seen." As Express previously reported, Prince Charles tried to get his son to spill the tea about what he'd written. When Harry wasn't forthcoming, Charles reportedly "iced" him out.