The Bold And The Beautiful Fans Pick Sides Over Ridge's Controversial Taylor Kiss

There's nothing "The Bold and the Beautiful" excels at better than love triangles between its most iconic characters. More recently, love triangles on the soap have largely centered on the younger characters of Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Liam's tendency to bounce between the two women has made for compelling television over the last decade. However, the most memorable love triangle for fans is undoubtedly that of Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen).

After decades of Ridge floundering between the two women, it appeared as if he and Brooke would spend the rest of their lives together. All of that changed when Brooke's drink was spiked by Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), causing her to kiss Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) behind Ridge's back (via Ridge didn't know of Sheila's part in this, which led to Ridge seeking comfort in Taylor. Nothing major happened between the two until Hope posted a photo with herself, Brooke, and Deacon. The picture infuriated Ridge, causing him to retaliate by kissing Taylor in Monaco (via Celebrity Dirty Laundry).

The kiss between Taylor and Ridge was a devastating blow to his future with Brooke. Brooke's reaction to the truth will be the deciding factor in their fate. Viewers are flocking to social media to give their take on the scandalous kiss, and they aren't holding back their intense opinions.

Most viewers think it's time for Brooke and Ridge to split for good

Ridge Forrester kissing Taylor Hayes is the one thing that could destroy his relationship with Brooke Logan forever. The official Twitter account for "The Bold and the Beautiful" posted a clip of Ridge confessing his actions to Brooke. It would be an understatement to say that fan reaction to the kiss is all over the place. It outraged many fans that Ridge would do this to her, but some viewers were quick to point out the horrible things Brooke herself has done.

Most viewers are blaming Brooke for the events unfolding, or they're at least of the belief that she had this coming — although it's not one of the worst sins she's committed. One viewer wrote, "Brooke has no right to be upset or angry with him. After everything she has put him through." Another fan said, "I'm so happy he was HONEST right away!! So, there's really nothing for Brooke to be mad about!! Unlike her who lied and kept quiet about so much other stuff!!"

Still, despite the backlash against Brooke, many viewers find themselves firmly against Ridge. One disgruntled viewer tweeted, "Nothing to be mad about? He initiated a kiss with his ex while sober. At least Brooke was under the influence." Ridge's behavior toward Brooke was also a mitigating factor for some fans, with one writing, "Finally. Now can y'all split them up. Tired of these two, specifically Ridge and his controlling ways."