How William And Catherine's Move To Windsor Breaks A Palace Promise

As details about Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William's move to Windsor are revealed, it's time to review the different homes of the royal couple. The first home William and Kate received was Anmer Hall, a 10-bedroom country house in Norfolk. According to Woman & Home, Queen Elizabeth gave Anmer Hall to the couple as a wedding present. The Georgian mansion sits on the queen's 20,000-acre Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, complete with a pool. As it happens, the Cambridges lived at Anmer Hall during the COVID-19 lockdown and loved to spend time there.

Anmer Hall isn't the only place they've called home, with the growing family taking up residence at Kensington Palace. Their days at the palace, however, are now numbered. Royal expert Christopher Warwick told "Royal Beat" (via Express) that the Cambridge's Kensington Palace apartment is "enormous." Warwick detailed that it has "20 rooms from the basement to the attic, it is not a small house." The royal expert added that while the Kensington Palace "apartment" sounds small, it's "built around three courtyards."

According to Yahoo Royal editor Omid Scobie, William and Kate are moving to Adelaide Cottage, on the Windsor Castle grounds. The Cambridge kids will be "outside the goldfish bowl" of Kensington Palace, and the family will be a few minutes from Queen Elizabeth. According to People, Adelaide Cottage is smaller than the other properties, but still very nice. But how does William and Catherine's move to Windsor break a palace promise? 

Prince William and Kate Middleton's move to Windsor is raising eyebrows

Prince William and Kate Middleton are said to be moving their family to Adelaide Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle, but some are asking questions about the move, as the Cambridges are set to be closer to Queen Elizabeth II. Yahoo UK Royal editor Omid Scobie went on Twitter to discuss Kate and William's move to Windsor, tweeting: "Despite spending over $5.4 on turning Kensington Palace into a forever home, the Cambridges are leaving London this month for a new property in Windsor. Was it all a waste of Sovereign Grant funding?" 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made Apartment 1A their main home base at Kensington Palace in 2017 when Prince George was school age. But to get the Kensington Palace apartment up to code — and for the royal couple to make the home their own — led to huge changes at enormous cost. Scobie reported the renovations to Apartment 1A cost more than $5.4 million in 2014, paid for by British taxpayers. In his Yahoo! Life column, Scobie explained that Kate and William's staff told the press that the Cambridge family needed the Kensington Palace renovations because it would be their "forever" home. But as the children grew up, Kate and William found Kensington not family-friendly. A source told Scobie, "They thought about moving to [their home in] Norfolk, but as active senior working royals they could never be that far away from London, so that's where Windsor came into the picture."