Why Royal Experts Are Saying The Queen Needs To Brace Herself

Every family has its problems — and royals are no exception. Rumors of feuds between British royals have swirled for decades, from the rift between Prince Charles and Princess Diana after he cheated on her to claims of tension between Duchess Camilla and Kate Middleton, per Us Weekly

But these days, the phrase "royal family drama" is almost always associated with royal defectors Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It all began in January 2020 when the pair announced plans to step down from their royal roles and instead embrace a new life in the United States (via Time). The media speculated that the family was unaware of the couple's plans until they became public, and a source told Us Weekly that the queen never gave her official blessing. The Sussexes relocated to the U.S., where drama continued to mount. Harry and Meghan sat down for a bombshell interview with Oprah in March 2021, where they opened up about the toxic environment they experienced within the palace.

Now, nearly a year and a half later, things are reportedly still icy within the royal family. Though Harry and Meghan have visited the U.K. since their overseas move — including for the queen's Platinum Jubilee — the apparent feud has created a clear divide between them and other royals. And the relationship between the queen and the Sussexes may soon become even more complicated, according to royal experts.

Prince Harry's upcoming project could be damaging for the royal family

Soon after the infamous Oprah interview last year, book publisher Penguin Random House announced an upcoming memoir by Prince Harry. Now, as the late 2022 release date approaches (a specific date hasn't yet been confirmed), royal experts are concerned that the memoir may wreak havoc on the monarchy. The Sunday Times' royal editor, Roya Nikkhah, said on Times Radio (via Express), "[The memoir] promises to, possibly, cause some of the biggest drama the royal family has seen ... It might make the Oprah interview look like child's play in comparison."

Another expert, Angela Levin, who previously spent time with Harry while writing his biography, echoed these concerns, saying, "I think he is going to smash again. I don't know why. Does he want to destroy his family?" (via The Sun).

People reports that Harry did inform the queen about the memoir last year but didn't gain her permission to follow through with the project. If it's as damaging as insiders are speculating, the queen may need to brace herself for more drama ahead.