August Virgo Vs. September Virgo: What's The Difference?

The zodiac signs can be difficult to understand, especially if you're new to astrology. There are 12 zodiac signs and four elements of the zodiac. People born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22 are Virgos, which is classified as an earth sign. Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac wheel and is ruled by the planet Mercury (via Mind Body Green).

Some defining characteristics of Virgo include being loyal, practical, hard-working, and helpful. Virgos like to do things accurately, often checking and re-checking their work to make sure that their tasks are done well before finishing. 

According to Allure, those born under the sign of Virgo are often known for their gentle and supportive nature. They make wonderful friends and partners and can commonly be drawn to careers in education, the medical field, or even working as a musician or editor. 

However, not all Virgos are made the same. It's commonly believed that there are many different aspects that determine a person's character traits, including the specific month they were born in (via Bustle). Although all people born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22 are Virgo sun signs, some believe that there are big differences between Virgos born in August and those born in September.

So, what's the difference between an August Virgo and a September Virgo?

Those born in August have more classic Virgo traits

According to Bustle, a Virgo who was born in August is said to possess many of the class traits associated with the zodiac sign. August Virgos are ruled only by the planet Mercury, which makes them all the more practical and organized in their lives. 

These earth signs have more qualities of leadership, such as confidence, which helps them become authority figures (via They're also said to be a bit more outgoing than September Virgos and like to be in the spotlight more than their counterparts.

In addition, Virgos born in the month of August often have a talent for financial management and tend to be more careful with their money. They are good at budgeting and will often be the person in their relationship charged with managing the household finances, per Mysticado.

These Virgos are also known as avid planners who like to know all the details so that they can make a schedule and ensure that everything runs smoothly. They're also great under pressure and can often help turn a stressful situation around. However, August Virgos can often get engulfed in their work and are afraid of being thought of as lazy, which could lead to burnout.

Meanwhile, September Virgos tend to have different traits.

September Virgos can be materialistic

Virgos who were born in the month of September are said to be more materialistic than those who celebrate their birthdays in August, per Mysticado. These Virgos feel no guilt spending their money, whether it's shelling out some extra cash on a cool new gadget or a fun trip, as long as their bills are paid, and they can afford it. 

Because Virgos born in September are ruled by both Mercury and Venus, they also have a reputation for being more stubborn and don't often like to change their mind once they've come to a conclusion about something.

Meanwhile, September Virgos are also known for being a bit more creative and can often become mediators during tense situations due to their close proximity to the Libra zodiac sign (via These Virgos are reportedly more friendly and enjoy social situations a bit more than those born in August.

Bustle notes that September Virgos are often more concerned with their personal style and like to express themselves through their fashion as well as the items they display in their homes. Because Virgos are perfectionists, those born in September are known for being overly critical of themselves when they make a mistake, as they set high standards for themselves.

While these Virgos have so much in common, they appear to have more differences than you may have originally noticed.