22 Best Wedding Shoes For 2022 Brides-To-Be

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If it seems like everyone is getting married lately, your instincts are actually correct. According to CNN, we're currently in the midst of what they're calling a "wedding boom." If you're one of these lucky 2022 brides, you've certainly got plenty of decisions to make. Among those decisions is footwear. Once you've said "yes" to the dress, it's time to say "I do" to the perfect pair of shoes. 

While shoes might be one of the last parts of your wedding ensemble that you think about, they're actually very important (via Brides). From height and comfortability to color and style, you need shoes that are as perfect a match for your dream wedding as you are for your spouse-to-be. Luckily, we've compiled the best bridal shoes of 2022, and the list has a little of everything. We've got shoes that won't break the bank and even shoes you could comfortably be a runaway bride in. 

Okay — we don't condone ditching your wedding, but we do advocate for shoes you can dance the best night of your life away in. No matter what your bridal shoe needs are, you'll find the perfect fit on our list.

How we selected bridal shoes

Everyone's wedding is different and unique to them, so of course, your bridal shoes should be unique to you too. Plenty of brides-to-be know what they're looking for in a wedding shoe, but it can be difficult to know where to look for it. Scouring different websites can be time-consuming when you've already got too many things on your plate, and it often won't even yield the best results. Our goal is to pare down your options to the actual best of the best so you can do less scrolling and more vow writing.

We started by choosing the most common and difficult-to-find bridal shoe categories. Then, we embarked on our search to fill each category with the pair of shoes that was the best fit. When it comes to shoes that you're going to wear for eight of the most important hours of your life, how they really feel matters. We made sure to choose shoes not only based on their looks and the company's details but also on reviews from real people who've already given them a test drive. The result? A perfect list of shoes for every bride — no matter what their dream wedding shoes might be.

Best splurge

If you're a major shoe fanatic, you may want to spend a big chunk of your budget on what's going to be on your feet. If so, we've got the perfect pair. 

If you're gonna go for the big bucks, you may as well make it count and opt for an iconic red sole. This pair of Christian Louboutins is one of the most wedding-y pairs of shoes there is. (Trust us; we've looked through them all.) 

The clear straps blend right into your foot, letting the glitzy bow on the front and the silk bow on the back shine. That oversized silk bow makes you look like you're walking on clouds. Plus, it's actually a real, adjustable bow, so you can make sure these shoes fit you to a T throughout the night, whether you're sitting, dancing, or walking down the aisle.

You can get the CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Crystal Bow Silk-Tie Red Sole Sandals for $1,695.00 at Neiman Marcus.

Heel Height: 4" | Size Range: 5-12 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best budget

If you, like many people, would like to save on the shoes and invest your bridal budget in other aspects of your wedding, we've got an option for that, too, and if you can believe it, it's under $25. These white strappy sandals are simply classic, and there's pretty much no style of wedding dress they wouldn't complement. They're not just thrifty and lovely — they're comfy too. 

One reviewer gave the pair five stars and wrote, "I'm 5'10" and do NOT wear heels often so when I do, I need them to be very comfortable and not too gigantic. These shoes nailed it. I normally wear a size 10 but after reading reviews suggesting to buy a half size down, I ordered a 9.5 and they were PERFECT. I wore these shoes at a 6 hour outdoor event with dancing! My feet only SLIGHTLY hurt toward the end of the night, but I was really impressed at how comfortable these were – as long as I didn't attempt to walk too fast. They're super cute too!!! And can't beat the price!" Many reviews echo this reviewer's sentiment of sizing down when buying these shoes. If you're unsure, though, they're available with Prime Try Before You Buy, which means you can try multiple pairs to find your perfect fit before making the purchase.

You can get the DREAM PAIRS Women's Dolce Fashion Stilettos for $31.99 on Amazon.

Heel Height: 3" | Size Range: 5-11| Half Sizes: Yes

Best for warm weather weddings

If you're opting for a destination wedding or are just getting hitched in a warmer climate, your shoe needs are likely very specific. These Sam Edelman sandals are the perfect mix between a sandal that's convenient for warm weather and an undeniably bride-worthy statement shoe. The beads are formal yet understated and give you a little sparkle on an otherwise pared down shoe. The wrap-around straps mean that you can alter how far up on your leg the shoe goes to fit your look and tighten or loosen to fit your foot.

One review says, "So comfortable & can easily dress up or down! Purchased these for a wedding!" These comfy sandals are a little glam while still being flat enough to walk with ease on any surface — including sand or grass — and they'll stay fitted and slip-free even if your feet are a little on the sweaty side.

You can get the Sam Edelman Tatianna Lace-Up Sandals for $79.95 from Sam Edelman.

Heel Height: Flat | Size Range: 5-11 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best for fall weddings

If your wedding is set for this coming fall, you're probably searching for the perfect shoe to make your autumnal dreams come true. We're head over heels for these fall-worthy shoes that you definitely won't trip and fall in. These shoes are to die for and oh so chic while still looking wedding-y. According to one review, "The heel isn't too high, but high enough to be soo cute without looking clunky or old lady. The inside has a slight cushion which makes my feet happy. Can't wait to wear them for my wedding. I'd say they run [true] to size."

The pearls, rhinestones, and bow will ensure that your shoes will go with whatever theme you've got going on without looking too busy or gaudy. The closed toe with a very open foot makes this shoe versatile for whatever unpredictable fall temperature your wedding day falls on. Another review says, "Bought these gorgeous heels for my wedding day. I was so delighted they looked good and are comfortable enough to wear all day and dance in."

You can get the Anna's Bridal Women's Pearl White Wedding Shoes for $53.99 on Amazon.

Heel Height: 3" | Size Range: 5-11| Half Sizes: No

Best for winter weddings

What says "winter wedding" more than velvet? This Ted Baker London pair is sweet and understated while still being winter-ready. The color is a bit less neutral than the average wedding shoe, but the warm hue with the warm fabric is chef's kiss for a chilly evening. If you're wearing a long dress, these will be the perfect pop of mauve-y pink peeking out from under your skirt. 

The closed toe will keep your toes warm toasty and covered without shortening your leg or cutting off your silhouette at the ankle, thanks to that perfectly rounded point on the toe. We also love that the heel is only two inches high; it will keep you stable while being extra skinny to keep your look chic. 

You can get the ​​Porline Bow Pointed Toe Velvet Pump by TED BAKER LONDON for $195 at Nordstrom.

Heel Height: 2" | Size Range: 6-10 | Half Sizes: No

Best for your something blue

You need your something old, something new, something borrowed, and the perfect shoes. Okay — that's not quite it, but your shoes are the perfect way to reflect that something blue, and these delicate sling backs are chic and a little unconventional while still being beautifully bridal. As one reviewer said, "These shoes just arrived today! The color is gorgeous and the heel height will be perfect for a long wedding day!"

Another real-life bride who just wrapped up her wedding day wrote, "I wanted to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw from the start and have my shoes be both my something blue and new. BHLDN's wedding shoes and accessories are so unique. I had a very traditional satin dress so the little pop of color made things more fun! They were also super comfy and I was very happy with my choice."

You can get the Seychelles Neve Heels for $139.00 at BHLDN.

Heel Height: 1.5" | Size Range: 6-10 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best for boho brides

Boho weddings are all-the-rage, because they allow you to express your style and have a more go-with-the-flow approach to your wedding day aesthetics (via Lola Valentina). If you're a boho bride, you've probably seen plenty of wedding shoes that don't scream "you," but this pair of handmade embroidered linen sandals may be a perfect fit. These mules are too cute — especially if you've gone a bit simpler with your dress and want to insert your own style into your look.

They give off a laidback, easy breezy vibe. Plus, the color makes them very neutral, while the adorable white daisies will tie in your wedding white. One review says, "Such a perfect summer shoe. Comfy, chic & fabulous."

You can get the Larroude Brigitte Mule In Raw Linen for $280.00 at Larroude.

Heel Height: 1.8" | Size Range: 5-10 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best for fashionista brides

For fashionistas getting married, now is really your time to shine. These shoes are sure to make a fashion statement without looking over the top. With a four-inch heel, this pair is one of the tallest on our list. But even if you're not a fan of high heels, these may be worth a try. One review says, "Yes the heel is high, but that's not a secret it's clearly labeled if you buy online and if in the store you can try it on! That said, this high heel is the most comfortable I've ever worn, and I've worn a lot of really high heels. Absolutely recommend."

We love the golden blush color and think it would complement any shade of white in a most unexpected yet elegant way. If you want to make even more of a fashion statement, though, these beauties also come in a perfect shade of pink.

You can get the Sam Edelman Women's Sawyer Heeled Sandal for $140.00 on Amazon.

Heel Height: 4" | Size Range: 5-10.5 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best for nontraditional ceremonies

If your wedding is rejecting tradition and embracing all things fun and new, you need a pair of wedding shoes that does the same. And if there's one brand that's synonymous with fun and new, it's Betsey Johnson. 

The Sidney Sneaker is all bling and comfort. It's a sneaker, so it won't be too much of a pain in the feet, but it's also one of the most glitzy shoes we came across in our search. It's also got a platform, so your feet will feel like you're running errands, but you'll still stand a bit taller. These shoes are enough to make any non-traditional bride as excited as this reviewer: "OMG! THESE SHOES ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! THE [SPARKLE]!!! The photo does not do any justice on how well these shoes shine! You will definitely catch a lot of attention in these beauties!"

If you weren't already sold, another reviewer might just convince you. "I absolutely love these shoes! Every millimeter on the uppers are covered by differing sizes of Rhinestones, and there is a small bag of various rhinestones taped to the box lid for replacing stones if they fall off," they wrote. Comfortability, glam, and preparedness for any situation all in one shoe? We all need a pair of these sneakers.

You can get the Betsey Johnson Women's Sidny Sneaker for $71.20 on Amazon.

Heel Height: 1" Platform | Size Range: 5-13 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best classic

They say "classic is classic for a reason." A classic white pump is the most traditional bridal shoe there is. So if you're going for that classic look, you're going to love this pick for a few reasons. The low sides and subtly pointed toe make for a streamlined and slinky silhouette. The stiletto heel is tall and thin, which leaves you with height and keeps your feet from looking clunky. Plus, they're super comfortable despite their height, which we all know can be painfully difficult to achieve.

One review, in particular, proves that these heels will serve you well for the whole duration of your wedding. It says, "For a heel of this height, they are so comfy! I'm a teacher and on my feet all day, and I can rock these for 9 hours at a time without issue! The shoes have a built in cushioned insole too, which make them even more wearable. True to size, and even more fun in person than the picture shows. Definitely worth it!"

You can get the Castamere Womens Sky High Heels Basic Pumps for $56.90 on Amazon

Heel Height: 5" | Size Range: 5-13| Half Sizes: Yes

Best pop of color

If you want a pop of color in your wedding look, your shoes are a great way to do it. The shade of hot pink of these Carcuume heels would add a fun and flirty twist whenever they popped out from underneath the hem of a white gown. They're also comfortable despite their sky-high heel. According to one review, "Buy them! So cute and a statement. Fine for wider feet and plenty of room to add in a cushion pad for the ball of your foot or an arch support made for heels "

While we're definitely fans of this unique pink for a funky, whimsical bridal look, these also come in red, burgundy, and even a black and white polka dot — all of which would be unexpected perfection when paired with the right wedding day look.

You can get the ​​Carcuume Strappy Heels for Women on Amazon starting at $30.58.

Heel Height: 4" | Size Range: 6-11 | Half Sizes: No

Best for comfort

Ah, the age-old problem: You're going to be on your feet for eight hours, but it's your wedding day, and you want cute shoes. Luckily, we have the solution that means you won't be stuck in flats all day if you don't want to be, and you won't be bandaging blisters on your honeymoon either. Enter the Margaux City Sandal. Padded with foam and lined with leather, this heel will keep you comfy all day. The block heel is the perfect height and width to give you a bit of an elongated leg without making you wobbly. 

One review says, "I am such a fan of the city sandal. I've worn them for many different occasions, and time after time, I'm so impressed with their comfort. Usually, my feet would be hurting me after a few hours in heels, and I can't wait to take them off the second I get in my car, but with these, I keep them on until I get home, and for me, that's a statement that shows how much I love wearing them."

You can get ​​The City Sandal for $298.00 from Margaux.

Heel Height: 2.5" | Size Range: 2.5-14 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best flats

Heels can be a pain, and nobody wants unnecessary discomfort on their big day. Plenty of brides want to opt for flats only to find that brands just aren't making the kind of shoes most brides want without the heel. That's why we're crazy about this pair from Creative Sugar. There's no mistaking that these are shoes for a bride. With a delicate pendant, crisp white satin finish, and pointed toe, these flats will save your toes from the pain of heels without sacrificing the elegant silhouette that you lose with most flats.

In the words of one reviewer, "These shoes are GORGEOUS! I bought them for my upcoming wedding. Since I am virtually the same height as my future spouse, I wanted something FLAT, but beautiful. That is not easy to find. They are super comfortable! I also have a problem with narrow heels, so shoes without some sort of strap holding them in don't work well for me. ... No need for a second pair of shoes for dancing. These will do the trick for the entire day!" Comfort and cuteness all rolled into one has to be a part of anyone's dream wedding. 

You can get ​​the Creative Sugar Women Flat Dress Shoes on Amazon starting at $43.50.

Heel Height: 5/8" | Size Range: 6-10 | Half Sizes: No

Best for extra height

Plenty of brides want extra tall heels on their wedding day but may not want to risk feeling unstable or wobbly on that trip down the aisle. If this sounds like you, boy do we have the wedding shoes you should wear. These Kate Spade heels couldn't be much more elegant or glam. They've got decent height while still being stable. The ankle strap will keep them secure on your foot but is skinny enough to just blend in. 

As for the heel, it's 3 inches, so you'll be standing tall, but the 1/2" platform will keep you supported, and your shoes won't feel too dangerously high when you're wearing them. One review says, "Very classy, wedding shoe. The heel isn't too high so they can be for all day wear. Thick sole, the material on the shoe even feels good." If gold isn't quite your wedding style, they're also available in a warm white and a light blush pink that look beautifully nuptial-ready.

You can get ​​the Kate Spade New York Bridal Bow on Amazon starting at $98.94.

Heel Height: 3" | Size Range: 5-11 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best for bigger feet

If your feet are on the larger side, you're probably used to having a narrower range of dress shoes than you'd like. When it comes to picking your wedding day 'fit, though, there's no room for compromise. 

Luckily, there's Lidia Talevera. This brand offers plenty of fabulous fancy shoes as well as many perfect bridal picks. Not only is their selection full of gorgeous options, but they have one of the widest size ranges on the market. 

This pick is both elegant and glam and especially perfect if you have pearls or crystals in your wedding look. They're available in women's sizes 4 to 13.5 as well as men's sizes 7 to 15.5, so not only are they perfect for any wedding, but they can fit virtually any foot.

You can get ​​the ​​Stella pumps for $385.00 from Lidia Talavera.

Heel Height: 4.33" | Size Range: Women's 4 – Men's 15.5 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best for beach weddings

Who doesn't love a beach wedding? No one. Who likes walking on sand in heels? Also no one. Still, just because you're sealing the deal seaside doesn't mean you're forced to wear flip-flops at the altar if you don't want to. Wedges are a perfect pick for a little height that won't leave you getting stuck in the sand while you're walking down the aisle. Wedges can be a bit on the casual side, but these Jimmy Choos are perfectly formal and bridal while still keeping you balanced and stable. Plus, they're patent leather, which means that sand and moisture will simply get brushed away.

These are a bit on the splurge-ier side, but they're so comfortable and multi-purpose that you'll be able to add them to your forever footwear collection. One reviewer says, "Beautiful pair of shoes that are so comfortable! Heel is great and versatile!"

You can get the Jimmy Choo Women's Brien 85 Wedge Sandals for $850.00 at Bloomingdales.

Heel Height: 3.35" Wedge | Size Range: 5-11| Half Sizes: Yes

Best for weddings on grass

Weddings that take place on grass can present another shoe shopping conundrum: They're beautiful, but they're notoriously tough on heels. We can't get over how precious these sandals are, though, and they just so happen to be grass-proof. The block heel on these sandals will keep you stable all day and night and will never leave you pulling your stuck foot out of the ground. Plus, there's something about the thought of this cute pair in the green grass that is fulfilling our Anthropologie-inspired garden party dreams. 

If you're worried about wearing all-white shoes in grass that may be wet and dewy, fear not. These shoes come in 10 different colors, including gold and dark gold, which will camouflage any dirt or moisture you may come in contact with. 

You can get the Dahlia Pearl Pleated Bow Heel for $350.00 from Loeffler Randall.

Heel Height: 2" | Size Range: 5-12 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best for potential rain

If you're going to have rain on your wedding day, you already know two things: 1. It's good luck, and 2. You're going to have that Alanis Morissette song stuck in your head the whole time. Still, if you're planning on tying the knot in a particularly rainy climate, you'll want to come prepared with footwear that will stay looking good as new even after getting submerged in a puddle or two. 

The Mara ballet flat from Italeau is the perfect choice. If you're wondering how a suede flat could possibly be our no. 1 pick for a rainy day, your reservations are more than understandable. However, these shoes are completely waterproof and won't retain stains. Plus, you still get the benefit of that upscale suede look. 

Because they're flats, they'll keep you feeling balanced on your feet whether you're around deep puddles or even icy patches, but the elongated toe will still leave you looking elegant and not too casual. One review calls them, ​​"Probably the most comfortable flat I have ever owned," and that's what anyone is looking for on their wedding day and every day.

You can get the Mara Ballet Flat for $239.00 from Italeau.

Heel Height: 1/2" | Size Range: 4.5-14 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best for Carrie Bradshaw fans

Most of us remember Carrie Bradshaw's infamous wedding from the "Sex and the City" movie. In true Carrie fashion, her wedding never would have actually happened if it wasn't for a very special pair of shoes. If you want to be inspired by a famous fashionista on your big day, why not make her shoes your "something borrowed?" If you happen to be on a Bradshaw budget, you can snag her exact Manolo Blahnik pair for a small fortune. Luckily, though, Badgley Mishka has its own pair that looks almost exactly like the real thing for a quarter of the price. 

As one review puts it, "Carrie is a showstopper. The silver glitter finish has subtle sparkle in dim and regular lighting, but it comes alive in brighter lighting with just as much radiance and shine as the embellished ornament. The ornament is lovely and has been attached securely. The shoe feels secure, even for someone with narrow feet, and it's easy to walk in a kitten heel of this height. If you're looking for a statement heel, Carrie is it!"

You can get the BADGLEY MISCHKA COLLECTION Carrie Crystal Embellished Pump for $235.00 at Nordstrom.

Heel Height: 2.5" | Size Range: 5-11 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best for formal weddings

If you're having a formal wedding, you need shoes to match. These pumps stood out because they have the glitz you need for a fancy affair but won't clash with an otherwise opulent outfit. They're also a great way to dress up a simpler dress, like one bride did, whose review said, "I literally cried when I unpacked them! These shoes are even more stunning in person. I always knew I wanted this style shoe since my wedding dress was very classic and had nothing but traditional button details." She also left a couple of hot tips: "Definitely size up from 1 to 1 1/2 sizes, I ordered my size and I could have gone up a half size more, they fit but you definitely need to break them in before your event. Worth every penny, so stunning and received a ton of compliments!" 

Another happy bride-to-be's review reads, "These are beautiful, from the moment I opened the box and saw all the sparkles I knew they were keepers for my wedding! They were actually quite comfy and not too narrow, my foot is a bit wide but they'll break in nicely. Material is nice, both inside and out. Love them and can't wait to wear them!"

You can get the Freya Rose Celina Heels for $471.00 at BHLDN.

Heel Height: 4.1" | Size Range: 36 EU – 41 EU | Half Sizes: No

Best for casual weddings

If your wedding is casual, you can throw a lot of the typical traditions to the wind. While other brides may be favoring a work of art that they can walk in, for you, comfort can be a top priority. Conveniently, sneakers for brides are all the rage at the moment (via Input). As a result, there are plenty of shoes that are as comfy as your fave sneakers while still being fit for a bride. 

Our pick is Keds X Kate Spade New York's Triple Glitter Sneakers, because what's more comfortable than Keds or more bride-worthy than Kate Spade? These white, sparkly stunners are everything you could want in a fancy sneaker and even have a little platform, so you don't have to compromise on gaining a little height. One reviewer says, "These shoes are way better looking and super sparkly in real life than in pictures! I am in love with it. Can't forget to say that it is comfy too! Can't wait to use it on my wedding day!"

You can get the Keds X Kate Spade New York's Triple Glitter Sneakers on Amazon starting at $89.95.

Heel Height: 0.8" | Size Range: 5-11 | Half Sizes: Yes

Best for the reception

No matter what shoes you pick for your ceremony, you're likely going to be spending a lot of time on your feet at your wedding. Many brides have an extra pair of shoes to change into when they've been on their feet for too long or when they're ready to hit the dance floor. Whether or not you're planning on doing that at your wedding, these Silky Toes flats are perfect in so many ways. 

The sheer lace sides on these ballet flats make them look delicate and bridal while allowing them to fold up to be small and portable. They come with a matching bag that you can keep them in until you're ready to slip them on, and they even have matching invisible socks that you can wear underneath to keep your feet and shoes fresh without looking messy. One reviewer used them for exactly this purpose and said, "These are so adorable & cute! Love the lace detail, the medium fit my size 7 foot perfectly. The drawstring bag is good for carrying the shoes. I wore them after taking off my heels and although the are very flat they were comfy enough for a temporary change of shoes. I also like the sheer footie they came with." Once you've picked out your dream pair of footwear, throw these in your clutch and get ready to dance the night away or sit down and enjoy your wedding cake with your perfect partner.

You can get the Silky Toes Women's Foldable Lace Wedding Flats for $19.95 on Amazon.

Heel Height: Flat | Size Range: Small – XXL (5-11) | Half Sizes: No