Dr. Oz's Old Tweets Come Back To Haunt Him During Senate Campaign

Remember way back when "The Dr. Oz Show" was on TV? Okay, it wasn't that long ago, since the series' 12-year run ended in January (via Newsweek). On the talk show, Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed, among other things, the grossest questions you have ever wanted to ask. And much like his predecessor, Oprah Winfrey, the doctor and host delved into something we all do: poop (via Bloomberg). But now that the Republican is running for the US Senate in Pennsylvania, some of these not-so-conservative topics are coming back to haunt Oz.


Someone who clearly isn't a supporter of Oz winning the Senate seat took a screenshot of a 2013 tweet Oz shared with his followers that asked what your poop says about your mental health and superimposed it to appear like a current campaign ad.

Predictably, Twitter had a lot of fun with the toilet talk resurfacing as the controversial conservative, um, runs for office. And one widely-liked tweet is worth pushing out front and center. 

Twitter has its fun but others protest that gut health is no laughing matter

Perhaps the best response to the viral, resurfaced 2013 tweet shared by Dr. Mehmet Oz is this one: "Always good to have a solid movement politically. If you're running, you have to get regular, even soft voters to support with every fiber they have. Thank you doctor, for trying to fix things from the bottom up. We're tired of being number 2."


The tweet was taking a cue from the fact that Oz is trailing in recent polls behind Democrat John Fetterman (via Newsweek).

But Twitter wasn't done getting down and dirty with the recovered tweet. "Don't force it, duh," commented someone else, while another person wryly noted that someone on the would-be Senator's campaign must hate him for this to come back to bite him.

It's important to report that not everyone viewed the past tweets as a bad look for Oz, with many folks pointing out that bowel movements can tell you a lot about your health, which is a good thing. "They're getting desperate if they're going to throw shade at a Dr. for talking about health issues," tweeted another individual. And someone else chided people who were making fun of gut health.