How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Couch Cushions?

Even for the notorious neat freaks among us, cleaning your couch probably isn't a part of your regular cleaning routine (via Martha Stewart). Still, when you think about it, our couches probably get dirty a lot more quickly than we think. From lounging to snacking to entertaining guests, the couch is where a lot of stuff goes down — and that lot of stuff involves crumbs, dirt, and germs.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all know that there are some things in our homes that we should clean but don't. A couch is one piece of furniture that you invest a lot of money in, so you surely want to keep it in tip-top shape as long as possible. Luckily, with just a few changes to your cleaning schedule, you can make your space feel much cleaner and add a few extra years between now and your next sofa shopping trip (via Birchwood Furniture Galleries).

When to clean your couch

How often you should be cleaning your couch can depend on what material it is, notes Birchwood Furniture Galleries. No matter what they're made of, though, you should be cleaning your couch cushions a minimum of every twice a year. BenchMade Modern founder Edgar Blazona told Martha Stewart, "I recommend doing a deep clean of your sofa every six months, just like you would your rugs." If you're thinking that you haven't exactly been keeping up with this schedule for the last... well, ever, don't worry. You're definitely not alone. 

The good news is that starting a regular couch cleaning routine can leave your space (and your life) feeling and looking fresher. You can even schedule a professional to come and clean your cushions for you on a regular basis, which will make sure that your furniture gets the longest life possible (via Shiny Carpet Cleaning). If you choose to do your couch cleaning on your own, though, it's not as tough as it sounds, and there are even a few ways you can keep your cushions cleaner in between deep cleans to save yourself some work in the long run.

How to clean your couch

Taking a look at the tags on your couch cushions can give you some insight into what type of cleaning is best for your specific furniture (via Birchwood Furniture Galleries). It's even possible that your cushion covers can be thrown into the washing machine to make your deep cleaning easier. 

Otherwise, you should start by vacuuming the whole sofa, cushions and all. Next, you can spot clean any specific stains you may see. If you need to remove dirt in a rush, you can mix a bit of vinegar with water and use it to blot the spot (via Living Spaces). You may also remove your cushion covers and let them soak if you have deep-set stains. Otherwise, though, it's best to try to clean your cushions without removing the covers; it can sometimes be a pain to get them back on just right, notes Martha Stewart. If your sofa is a favorite relaxation spot for a pet, you should find a pet friendly cleaner to add to your collection of couch cleaning supplies.

In between your deep cleans, it's recommended that you vacuum your couch once a month (via Pro Housekeepers). It'll make your deep cleans fly by faster. You can even just add a quick couch vacuum session to your regular vacuum routine, and you'll find your space feeling much cleaner.