Why The Stakes Are High In sMothered: Season 4, According To Dawn & Cher - Exclusive

Identical smiles, matching makeup and outfits, and cadences so in sync that it will make you do a double take — over the last three years, fans of the TLC hit "sMothered" have witnessed the unapologetically close relationship of the mother-daughter duo Dawn and Cher Hubsher. At first, it looks like Dawn and Cher are sisters, not only because of the uncanny resemblance but also their coordinated likenesses, from their fashion choices to their hobbies.

Dawn and Cher have been on "sMothered," a reality program with a title that speaks for itself as it follows the unusual closeness of different mothers and their said child, since its inception in 2019. We've seen everything from the two attending OB-GYN appointments together to consulting over lingerie choices, but now that they're back for Season 4, Dawn and Cher told The List in an exclusive interview how the latest season is constantly raising the bar.

Cher says Season 4's 'coming attractions' are ones to look forward to

Season 4 of "sMothered" has brought back one of the show's favorite super-close mother and daughter pairs, Dawn and Cher Hubsher. Their antics (taking a pole dancing class together, for example) and the drama that comes with it don't seemingly faze the Hubshers. In fact, they only seem to welcome giving viewers something to talk about, with fans often taking to Twitter to comment on the duo. While discussing some of their life changes in the new season, Dawn and Cher also explained how Season 4 is unlike any others in the past.

"I am so excited about Season 4," Cher said. "Every season, they up the stakes, and there's even more to look forward to every season [with] the coming attractions. I'm blown away with the casting. All the mothers and daughters are so close, but they have such unique relationships. I'm very excited to see that and to be able to relate to that as well."

Dawn concurred, saying, "It's nice to see all different kinds of bonds with each mother and daughter."

Based on the tweets regarding what we've seen so far this season from Dawn and Cher, we can say that Season 4 — with its fan-favorites and newcomers alike — doesn't disappoint.

New episodes of "sMothered" air Mondays on TLC at 9:00 p.m. ET.