What Is Gillian Rupert From Cheer Doing Now?

The second series of Netflix's docu-series "Cheer" certainly started 2022 with a bang, featuring a whole host of new faces, including Cassadee Dunlap, Maddy Brum, and Gillian Rupert (via E! News). Rupert and Brum joined the Navarro College cheer team around the same time, with Rupert having competed at the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 championships in Daytona (via RadioTimes).

Rupert was the focus of episode 7, "Mining for Tenths", alongside Dunlap. The episode details her difficult childhood and her decision to move in with Dunlap's family during the coronavirus pandemic. "I'm in a great place right now. I'm with a great family," she said (via Netflix). "I got out, and once I got out, I didn't look back." Rupert's mom and dad divorced when she was young. She explained how her dad abused her mom, so they packed up everything one day and left. Despite being close, Rupert felt she became the adult in their relationship and constantly worried about her mom and the divorce's effect on her. "I just realized that I deserve a lot more."

Once she found herself in a better place, Rupert began to flourish as a cheerleader at Navarro college. Here's what she's up to now after "Cheer" Season 2.

Gillian Rupert graduated from Navarro College in 2022

In the final episode of "Cheer" Season 2, Gillian Rupert said she'd return to Navarro for another season (via PopSugar). Team Navarro's hard work throughout 2021 certainly paid off in the new year, as they won the 2022 National Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championships in April (via People). They won with a score of 99.3 and 99.213 overall, as noted by Rupert on Instagram. After the celebrations ended, Rupert graduated from Navarro College, saying goodbye to the cheer squad that became her extended family.

"This post has been one I've dreaded but to all 3 years at Navarro with the best people ... you will always have my heart," Rupert wrote on Instagram. She went on to thank Monica Aldama "for being the best coach and role model and for everything you have done for me," in addition to assistant cheer coach Dustin Velazquez for his work and "for pushing me beyond my limits as well as making this FIOFMU family even more home." The cheerleader expressed her gratitude for Navarro and "couldn't have asked for more this season."

Rupert now cheers for a new college in Utah

After graduating from Navarro, Rupert moved on to cheer for Cheer Athletics All-Star Team (via Instagram). The routines are fast and complex, clocking in at just two and a half minutes long. According to Cheer Athletics, the All-Star Team has countless National and World championships under its All-Star program. "Cheer" alumni Maddy Brum joined this team after leaving Nevarro like many others. Being part of Cheer Athletics helps members like Rupert and Brum continue training between Navarro and decide what they want to do next (via Bustle).

On May 30, 2022, Rupert left Cheer Athletics to join Weber State University's cheer team in Utah (via Instagram). Gabi Butler also joined the team in 2021, telling Hollywood Life that she admired their work ethic. "I was really intrigued and I wanted to learn more," she said.

Rupert started training as a Weber State Wildcat on July 23 (via Instagram). Since then, Rupert has been busy nailing stunts and routines at the National Cheerleader Association (NCA) camp in Las Vegas, training with her Weber State teammates. Rupert is also on Cameo, where you can buy personalized videos from the "Cheer" star.

She performed in the 2022 Cheer Live Tour with her BFFs

Aside from joining a new team and all that training, Gillian Rupert also performed in the 2022 Cheer Live Tour. The tour's official site described the show as breaking "new ground in a first of its kind live performance". It featured the stars and athletes of "Cheer," including Gabi Butler, Madison Brum, Cassadee Dunlap, Morgan Simianer, James Thomas, and Keyshawn Leflore. With no judges or time limits, the athletes showcased "an electrifying exhibition of never-before-seen stunts, pyramids, and dance performances."

For Rupert, the experience of performing live with her friends and teammates is one she'll never forget. "I was honored and blessed to be part of something so special, powerful, and memorable!" she wrote on Instagram. "The amount of love I have for every single person on this cast and crew is indescribable but all I know is that I now have so many genuine and amazing people that I can call my family."

There doesn't seem to be a third season of Cheer in the works

A lot has happened to Gillian Rupert since the Season 2 finale of "Cheer." Fans are probably wondering whether there will be another season to address that significant win at the National Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championships (via People) and the 2022 Cheer Live Tour. While Netflix has yet to announce or greenlight a third season of "Cheer", there's a chance it could already be in production, according to Landscape Insights.

The cheerleaders at Navarro College certainly won't stop training and competing whether there's a new series in the works or not. So, it's all down to Netflix to decide whether a new season would follow the likes of Rupert and her teammates, or a new bunch of determined cheerleading hopefuls. But according to an interview in May 2022 with Rupert and Andy Cosferent, they say they were unaware of "Cheer" Season 3 being in the works (via YouTube).