Cheer Season 3: Details We Know So Far

The "Cheer" squad took Netflix by storm when it first came out in 2020. The world fell in love with the cheer squad of Navarro College. The show followed the squad on their journey to the Daytona Beach Nationals. There were ups, there were downs, and there was large bows and glitter. Who wouldn't love it, right? So it only made sense that it was renewed for a 2nd season. Now fans want even more. While all the details aren't her yet, there are some clear clues that show the series is far from over.

Season 2 of "Cheer" was a wild ride. Unlike the 1st season, there were two squads featured on the show. It was a classic battle royale — cheer style. Navarro College took to the Daytona Beach Nationals against their neighbor school Trinity Valley. Also unlike Season 1, the show featured the fame that the Navarro cheer squad had gained since the 1st season. All of that played into a tense season where a new school came out on top.

While some reality shows get stagnant from year to year, "Cheer" found a way to make the 2nd season just as nail biting as the first. The details for Season 3 aren't out quite yet, but all signs point to another incredible season with the Navarro Cheer Squad

When will Season 3 of Cheer premiere?

Let's just get straight to it. At the time of publication, Netflix has not yet come out and said that there will for sure be a Season 3 of "Cheer." However, with all the hype around the season, there's a good chance that a third one will be coming eventually. Especially when you consider that Navarro and Trinity Valley are both 1-1 as far as winning records go. They'd at least have to do the best of three, right? It would be cruel not to.

Timing wise, it would make sense for Netflix to not have a for sure answer about a 3rd season yet. The first 2 seasons are both built around the cheerleading season, which begins at the start of the school year and goes through the Daytona Beach Nationals. According to the National Cheer Association, Daytona Beach Nationals 2022 takes place on April 6-10, 2022.

That being said, the filming won't end until at least April 10, which means a summer filled with editing and a fall filled with promoting the new season. If the show follows its past pattern, that means that Season 3 of "Cheer" will likely air in January 2023. Something tells us it will be worth the wait. 

Who will compete at the Daytona Beach Nationals 2022?

The cast of "Cheer" is what makes the show — after all, it is all about these actual, real-life cheerleaders. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just casting your typical crew of a television show. Navarro College is a community college, meaning that you can only attend for three years, meaning three cheer seasons. That means that some of the cast has already graduated and moved on, like fan favorites like Morgan Simianer and La'Darius Marshall. There were a few familiar faces on one of the Navarro Cheer team's Instagram posts. Maddy Brum and Gillian Rupert were among them, which means they will likely be on the show, although nothing has been confirmed at the time of this publication.

As far as Gabi Butler, there's a chance that she could be back. "Technically I do have one more year [at Navarro]," Butler tells Marie Claire. "At a junior college you can only do three years; 2021 was my third year. But because of COVID they gave everyone one more year of eligibility ... so, yes? I'm not really sure what I'm doing with my life right now but just stay tuned." Important to note, though, that she was not shown in the team's photo.

While the details aren't official yet, something tells us there's no need to put your pompoms away just yet.