Here's What Cameron Diaz Looks Like Going Makeup Free

Cameron Diaz has had a stunning transformation over her years in the public eye, not least because she actually started her career as a model rather than an actor. 

While chatting to Naomi Campbell on "No Filter with Naomi," Diaz shared, "I started modeling when I was 16 and really what it was just to get the hell out of Long Beach, California, because I didn't have any way else out." As the "Charlie's Angels" star reasoned, plenty of other young women seized the chance to travel and be financially independent, too. 

Diaz also acknowledged, "I really took advantage of that and embraced it." However, the lovable actor was quick to note she wasn't exactly in high demand — and certainly not compared to Campbell and her ilk. 

In fact, during an appearance on the "Second Life" podcast, Diaz recalled how she made it to Paris only for the modeling jobs to immediately dry up, per Parade. "I was there a full year, and I didn't work one day — I couldn't book a job to save my life," she admitted. Fortunately, Hollywood came calling. 

The laidback star might have stepped back from acting in recent years, leading us to wonder what really happened to Diaz, but she's still at the forefront as a celebrity impressively unafraid to show what she really looks like. 

Skincare isn't exactly a high priority for the former model and actor

She might be completely stunning, but, in many ways, Cameron Diaz is a normal woman just like the rest of us. As she told Michelle Visage on the "Rule Breakers" podcast (via Page Six), "I am absolutely a victim to all of the societal objectifications and exploitations that women are subjected to. I have bought into all of them myself at certain times." 

Thankfully, as the "Mask" star has gotten older, she's realized how utterly inconsequential her looks are. In fact, Diaz's biggest beauty secret will leave you shook because, as she admitted to Visage, it involves doing absolutely nothing at all. "I literally do nothing. I, like, never wash my face," Diaz shrugged. 

Naturally, as one of the biggest stars in the world, Diaz has access to the best products, but she's only willing to use them every so often, quipping, "One time works, right? Like, is that all I have to do?" 

Her approach might seem totally nuts, but, as Diaz explained to Goop, she has good reason to let her skin breathe, arguing that wearing tons of makeup on a daily basis used to be par for the course for her. "It was really depleting to my skin," she said. "I always had a breakout. And since I stopped wearing a lot of it... I like my skin much better." Who are we to argue with someone who looks this good? 

Cameron Diaz showed off her blemish-free skin alongside an old friend

Aside from regularly posting stunning makeup-free selfies on social media, Cameron Diaz also popped up on her former co-star, and long-time friend, Drew Barrymore's Instagram, with both ladies in a similarly fresh-faced state. 

Barrymore captioned the post "#nomakeup, "#nofilter," and "#SUNSCREENALWAYS," highlighting at least part of the reason why she and Diaz are aging so gracefully. Naturally, fans gushed in the comments about how gorgeous the "Charlie's Angels" stars looked. 

Diaz isn't sweating getting older, though. According to Women's Health, she writes in "The Body Book" that aging "is a blessing and a privilege, and if you lay the foundation for a healthy life in your younger years, your older years may very well be some of the best of your life." Moreover, the former model clarified that it's not about trying to look young and beautiful forever but about feeling healthy, strong, and physically capable for as long as possible.

As Diaz asserted, "I feel better and stronger and more capable now than I did when I was twenty years old, because I've taken better care of myself in the last fifteen years than I did in the first twenty-six years of my life." Her biggest regret, meanwhile, is smoking for years. 

Thankfully, these days, she is all about taking care of herself and making every moment count. And, evidently, it's working, judging by how gorgeous Diaz looks without makeup on.