Donald Trump Jr.'s Latest Defense Of His Dad Has Twitter Seeing Red

Another day, another statement by Donald Trump Jr. that has people up in arms. In case you missed it, the former first son's reactions to the Mar-a-Lago raid and other recent events via social media have not gone over well. First, he shared a puzzling meme about the FBI having searched Melania Trump's closet that involved her underwear. Then, Don Jr. mocked Liz Cheney's defeat in the Wyoming primary that will see her losing her seat come 2023.

Now, the dad of five has shared a bizarre take on the alleged nuclear secrets the former president may have been in possession of at his Florida home. Speaking to a crowd at a Florida campaign event Monday on behalf on Representative Matt Gaetz, the controversial Trump family member claimed, "By the way, for the record, I'd say that if Donald Trump actually still had the nuclear codes, it'd probably be good" (via Yahoo!). He then went on to explain the move could scare "enemies" and added, "unlike when they look at Joe Biden and they say, 'You know what? We should attack now.'"

Interestingly, the crowd loved Trump's speaking point about the FBI raid as you can hear in a video from the event. Twitter on the other hand, wasn't as receptive.

Donald Trump Jr. didn't win any new fans with his comments

Although many Twitter users seemed to be in on the joke with Donald Trump Jr., with many noting nuclear launch codes get changed too often for storage of old codes anywhere to matter, the former presidential son's defense of his dad's actions was simply too much for many folks to process.

The good news? Some people were willing to have a little fun with the speech, with one individual joking that Don Jr.'s comments seemed like satire and not real life. But others took to name calling, unsurprisingly.

At least one Twitter user pointed out a familiar pattern in light of Trump's nuclear code take, commenting that after denying allegations, the divisive family will "blame someone else" before justifying whatever actions are in question and making excuses. Finally, the "current stage" of "yeah we did it but [it's] actually good" is where the former first son was at with the ongoing FBI raid drama according to the poster.