Donald Trump Jr. Shares A Startling Meme About Melania In The Wake Of The FBI Raid

Former president Donald Trump's son and social media have a predictable relationship. Basically Donald Trump Jr. tweets something or posts to Instagram, and it promptly ignites a firestorm of controversy. From his wide-ranging Facebook rants to his polarizing take on Roe v. Wade, nothing the 44-year-old says online goes unnoticed, to put it mildly.

The outspoken mouthpiece of the GOP leader's most recent post about the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago is certainly no exception, especially since it pertains to his step-mother, Melania. First, some background. One aspect of the raid on the Trump estate that reportedly sought to reclaim classified documents had almost everyone scratching their heads (via CNBC). According to Trump's posting on Truth Social, agents "rummaged" through the former first lady's closet during their search (via Newsweek).

Twitter reacted swiftly to the odd spot the FBI looked while at the Trump residence for a reported nine hours, with one person wryly noting, "They went through Melania's closet before they went through Hunter's laptop."

Someone else wryly wondered why the former first lady's closet would be on the list of spots to search if indeed the FBI was on the lookout for nuclear launch secrets.

How Don Jr. reacted to the news that Melania's wardrobe had been searched was on another level however.

Donald Trump Jr.'s take on the FBI raiding Melania's closet does not go over well

Twitter quickly spouted theories and reactions to the FBI searching Melania Trump's closet, with many people joking that Jill Biden was looking for more fashionable attire and must have authorized this part of the raid. 

Her outfit choices are often the subject of ridicule, not that the professor cares, having told Vogue in June of last year, "It's amazing how much people pay attention to every little detail." She also insisted on moving on during the interview, not wishing to spend more time on talking about her clothing.

And then, there was Donald Trump Jr., who instead of jumping on board with making fun of Biden as one might expect, shared a meme about the puzzling choice to "rummage" through his step-mother's dresses, shoes and um, intimate underthings. Really.

Taking to his Instagram Story Saturday, the former first son posted a photo of a man amid piles of panties along with the eye-opening caption, "Feds in Melania's closet" (via Yahoo!).

Donald Trump Jr.'s step-mom and fiancée have a shocking amount in common

Not surprisingly, people were immediately disturbed by the notion of Donald Trump Jr. even thinking about his stepmom's underwear, with one individual tweeting in reaction, "Yes, there's something very wrong with him!"

Another person called the meme "creepy," while someone else claimed the firstborn son of the former POTUS has a fetish for step-mothers. 

It's worth noting that observers have long pointed out the many physical similarities between Don Jr.'s betrothed, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Melania Trump (via Daily Mail). Not only do the two women look alike, but they share a chilling number of things in common, including that they were both first ladies. Remember, Guilfoyle was previously wed to California Governor Gavin Newsom — although he served as the mayor of San Francisco at the time (via Slate).

The former Fox News commentator, who left the network in 2018, was also married another time previously, which means Trump would be her third husband, much like Melania is Donald Trump's third wife. Meanwhile, Guilfoyle and Mrs. Trump are only one year apart in terms of age, with the engaged single mom actually being older than her would-be mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, for her part, Guilfoyle has also voiced her concerns over the FBI raid, albeit not in cringeworthy meme form. "If Biden & the FBI can do this to President Trump, imagine what they can do to you," she tweeted following the Mar-a-Lago search.