Almost 25% Of People Consider This Coffee Drink Their Go-To

Coffee is more than just a caffeinated beverage, it's a lifestyle. Whether you enjoy it with breakfast first thing in the morning or on the go in a cute travel mug during your commute, many of us can't function without our coffee. Some prefer to grab a cup from their favorite coffee shop, while others invest in the latest high-tech machines to brew their favorite drink at home. No matter how you enjoy it, if you drink coffee every day, you probably have a go-to order complete with the perfect amount of flavor add-ins and extra shots of espresso.

There are so many ways to enjoy a cup of coffee: hot, iced, with or without sweeteners, and let's not forget all the festive flavors and roasts you can enjoy throughout the year. But which way do baristas prepare coffee most often for their java-loving customers? To find out which style of coffee is really the fan favorite, The List conducted a survey asking 558 people, "Which is your preferred coffee drink?"

This popular coffee drink is enjoyed all year long

According to The List's survey, the most popular way to enjoy a cup of coffee is with some ice cubes. Cold brew and iced coffee received 23.12% of the vote, making it a wildly popular coffee drink enjoyed year-round. Whether they're at the beach or in the snow, coffee lovers will swirl their iced coffee with cream and a shot of pumpkin spice and smile while they sip. Cold brew is a special kind of coffee that is brewed with cold water instead of hot — a favorite because it doesn't melt your ice and dilute the coffee when it's chilled (via Serious Eats).

In second place with 22.58% of the vote was drip coffee, a style of coffee made with a special machine that slowly drips hot water over coffee grounds, brewing a more mild coffee flavor, per Home Grounds. The latte came in third with 17.20% of the vote, a mixture of espresso and milk that often makes an adorable leaf-like picture on top when combined.

13.98% of people prefer espresso, a concentrated form of coffee that is usually enjoyed in shot form (via The Spruce Eats), for those who need an extra pep in their step in the mornings. Cappuccinos earned 13.44% of the vote, a special form of coffee that combines steamed milk with espresso, and is most often enjoyed hot. In last place is the Americano (9.68%), a hot coffee beverage that dilutes espresso with hot water.

Is coffee actually good for you?

Clearly, coffee is a beloved drink. But all its popularity has us wondering about how it could affect our health. Is coffee actually good for you? Is iced coffee any healthier than hot coffee? Should we make the switch from coffee to tea? (Obviously . . . we haven't had our coffee yet.)

Luckily, studies have shown that drinking coffee does have some health benefits. According to Healthline, research shows links between drinking coffee and a lowered risk of developing heart and liver disease, and promotes gut health. Coffee has also been found to lower the risk of depression and even extend your life (via The New York Times). People who drink coffee regularly are energized thanks to the caffeine levels in the beverage, but can develop anxiety, insomnia, and caffeine dependence if enjoyed too often, per Harvard Chan School of Public Health. Thankfully, decaf coffee exists with the same delicious flavor and none of the caffeine.

Adding tons of sugars, creams, and flavor shots to your latte can make your daily cup of coffee unhealthy, but in moderation, you should be just fine. So, next time you're debating on whether or not to stop for an iced coffee, remember all that coffee does for your brain and your body, and enjoy it guilt-free.