Katey And Jed Duggar's Love Story Video Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

The Duggar family's next reality show might well be called "Counting On ... and On ... and On." Only a handful of the original 19 children still live at home with parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar; most of the rest have gone on to marry and start families of their own. Among the latter category is Jedidiah "Jed" Duggar, who shocked the internet in April 2021 with the unexpected announcement that he married Katey Nakatsu. Just five months later, the couple revealed through Instagram that they were expecting their first child. Truett "True" Oliver Duggar was born this past May

Jed, who owns his own real estate company (via The U.S. Sun), has been enjoying marriage and parenthood. He hasn't posted to social media much since True was born, but he and Katey recently treated fans to a YouTube video. Titled "Our LOVE STORY // Told for the FIRST TIME," the half-hour segment features the couple talking informally about how they met — first through a brief meeting, then during a prison ministry trip — how they started courting — Jed spoke to Nakatsu's father, who suggested they get to know each other — and their commitment to God. They're both conservative Christians who vowed to save their first kiss — not to mention all other intimacies — until their wedding day.

At the end of the video, Jed encouraged fans to post any questions they have about their journey to marriage and family. As of now, however, there's one big question viewers have that they haven't addressed yet — and it has nothing to do with courting.

Followers related to Katey's apparent injury

Fans who have watched the Duggars of "19 Kids & Counting" change over the years are delighted to see that the older children enjoying a family life of their own. Viewers of Jed and Katey Duggar's love story video praised them for their traditional approach to dating and marriage. "Thanks for sharing your story! You're both a wonderful example for young adults," one viewer wrote in the comments section. "Put God FIRST in every area of your lives!" 

But one detail of the video stood out to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball: Katey's nose appeared discolored, as if it might have been bruised somehow. Joy said, "I wonder if she got bonked in the head by the baby or one of the baby toys. This looks so painful." Tons of moms chimed in with their own baby bonk tales. "Those baby heads can cause a lot of damage," one commented. "My son broke my sister's nose when he was a year or so by flinging his head backwards," another added. Other baby induced boo-boos included cracked cheekbones, black eyes, fat lips, and loosened teeth. 

One dissenter in the group had a different theory: "It's not a bruise!! It's from her sunglasses," they said. "Check out their other YouTube videos and you will see it there."

The happy couple hasn't offered any explanation for Katey's apparent injury, but they might be relieved to hear that she wouldn't be the first mom who's been hurt by her bundle of joy if that was the case.