Why Interior Designers Can't Wait To Ditch Overflowing Greenery In 2022

Recent years have brought the rise of the "plant mom" aesthetic, and as a result, there are more and more homes with plant-centric decor. The pandemic actually caused more people to get into purchasing and caring for plants to make their homes feel happier and more alive during the lockdown, as well as giving them a new hobby (via Architectural Digest). In many ways, this trend is a good one, because there are plenty of pros to having plants. In fact, indoor plants can even be good for your health.

Still, owning plants simply because you're following a trend and think they look good isn't the best reason to make plants your whole house's aesthetic (via Gardening Know How). For this reason, a space overwhelmed with greenery is on its way out, and plants in moderation are in. While maximalism and even "cluttercore" have been in for the past few years, many of us are looking to feel like we have cleaner, more roomy, lighter spaces (via BBC).

Why we're done with plant overkill

House plants are a decorating staple, and using plants to spice up your space will never really stop being on-trend (via The Glitter Guide). Still, unlike all other decor, plants are living things. Different plants have different needs, and it's important to know that you can take care of another plant before bringing it home. Plants may look good, but dying plants? Not so much. Resist the urge to grab another plant just because you like the way it looks; be sure that you know its needs and that there's a space for it that won't leave the room feeling too cluttered (via Gardening Know How).

In addition to overstuffed spaces, plants that are overflowing are also on their way out (via YouTube). According to interior designer Kiva Brent, centerpieces with massive plants have been a major trend for decorating tables. Brent thinks, though, that it's time to pare down centerpieces to something you can actually see over. She also believes that by the time 2023 rolls around, practicality will reign supreme when it comes to decor. As a result, she thinks plants in the corner of the room are great, while plants that get in the way or block your view should move elsewhere. 

Decorating with plants the right way

If you're a dedicated "plant mom," by no means does the end of the over-the-top plant trend mean that it's time to throw in your trowel. Taking a less-is-more approach to the plants in your home will make your space feel roomier and less crowded. As Kiva Brent says, the best way to know where to place your plants is by making sure they're not getting in your way (via YouTube). 

When it comes to choosing plants for your more minimal plant collection, as with everything else, plants have trends, too. According to Architectural Digest, tropical plants like Monsteras, as well as succulents have had a lot of popularity lately, but they're on their way out. Instead, folks are opting for simple, low maintenance options. Everyone is interested in the best plants for beginners. Taylor Patterson, who founded the floral design studio, Fox Fodder Farm, told Architectural Digest, "I love scented geraniums, and with the right light conditions and consistent care, they're an unexpected yet perfect indoor plant. I love begonia as well. There are so many varieties with beautiful leaf patterns that, when cared for correctly, will happily thrive indoors." Whichever plants you choose, making sure that that your collection is unobtrusive and well taken care of is the key to making your space light, airy, and on-trend.