Heidi Klum And Tim Gunn Open Up About Their 18 Year Partnership - Exclusive

On Prime Video's "Making the Cut," Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are on the hunt for the best designer for the next global brand. For Season 3 of the Prime Video series, ten designers from across the world are going head to head to prove why it should be them. In each episode, the judges — including former supermodel Heidi Klum — decide which designer is the winner of the week and which designer will be cut from the competition. The overall winner will receive $1 million toward building their own brand.

Though talented, the designers are mostly unknown before coming into the series. In Klum's own words, "I didn't know them before; you didn't know them before. Finally, they have the opportunity to be seen." But two people who are quite recognizable and bring star power to the show are the co-hosts: Klum and Gunn. The pair have been working together for years, and each lends their own expertise to the series. During an exclusive interview with The List, the pair opened up about what it's been like having such a long partnership.

'18 years of TV marriage'

Before their time on "Making the Cut," the fashionable duo Heidi Klum and Tim Gun spent years working together on "Project Runway." They've been continuing that wonderful partnership into this show, and the third season of "Making the Cut" marks 18 years of them working together. Speaking about their professional relationship and friendship, Klum said, "I love my real-life husband, obviously, but Tim and I, we've been together for the longest. It's been 18 years of TV marriage, and it's been amazing."

On the show, Klum judges the contestants, while Gunn acts more as a mentor to help all of them to do their best. Their roles seem well-suited to their skills, as Klum told The List that she doesn't have any trouble picking what designs she likes best on the show. "I know which one I love. My eye goes immediately to it," she said.

Meanwhile, Gunn gets to form a close relationship with the designers and help their work come to life, but his partnership with Klum is one for the books. Gunn said, "It's the most fabulous relationship I've ever had in my entire life. I mean, Heidi Klum. Look at me. What's the likelihood of that?"

"Making the Cut" Season 3 is currently on Prime Video, with two episodes available weekly until the epic two-episode finale on Friday, September 9.