The Truth About Tyler Cameron And Paige Lorenze's Relationship

Influencer, model, and Dairy Boy brand owner Paige Lorenze and former "Bachelorette" contestant Tyler Cameron's relationship was one that some people may not have heard about because it was so short-lived. Soon after their relationship was confirmed, it ended. One of them was even blindsided by their public breakup announcement, not knowing that it was going to be announced so soon.

After a month filled with PDA-packed nights out on the town and even a couples trip to Nantucket, Lorenze and Cameron called it quits. Fans on social media seemed to obsess over the whirlwind relationship, even though the couple never really posted images of the two of them together. Instead, they only gave subtle hints of them being in a relationship. Nevertheless, they were spotted by paparazzi and fans everywhere from New York to Massachusetts.

So, what really happened between this social media star and "Bachelorette" alum? Was their whole romance staged? That's at least what some fans believed (via Us Weekly). Or, if it was genuine, why didn't their relationship go the distance? Here's what we know.

Paige Lorenze dated a few famous faces before Tyler Cameron

This was not Paige Lorenze's first time having one of her relationships in the spotlight. She was first linked to the now-disgraced actor Armie Hammer. As one of Hammer's ex-girlfriends, Lorenze spoke to Vanity Fair about their complicated — and oftentimes very scary — relationship. "He started making rules for me of things I could and couldn't do, who I could have over, who I couldn't," she explained. "He told me that I couldn't have anyone else in my bed. And then I just started to feel really unsafe and really sick to my stomach about things."

Lorenze was one of multiple women who spoke up about uncomfortable and allegedly abusive encounters they had with the actor. According to Lorenze, Hammer's mother said "how she was so worried about Armie and so grateful for me because she felt like I was a good influence on him." Lorenze revealed that she broke things off with Hammer over text message because it seemed safer that way, and "you never know what you're going to get with him [Armie]."

Later, Lorenze was linked to Country music superstar Morgan Wallen. Lorenze dated Wallen while he was kicking off the Dangerous Tour. She shared an Instagram Story of the pair backstage, thus publicizing their relationship (via People). The couple dated for around six months. Rumor has it that Hammer was unfaithful (via Page Six). Five months after their split, Lorenze moved on to Tyler Cameron.

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Tyler Cameron has had some high-profile flings

If you know anything about Tyler Cameron, you likely know he was one of the favorite contestants on Hannah Brown's season of "The Bachelorette" in 2019. Cameron was in Brown's top two, but in the finale she stopped him before he could propose because she had stronger feelings for the other contestant. Although he didn't receive Brown's final rose, they reconnected on the "After the Final Rose Special." Brown and winner Jed Wyatt's relationship didn't exactly end as she thought it would, so Brown, while on air, asked Cameron to go out for a drink, to which he agreed (via Entertainment Tonight).

Brown thought the couple may be on track to being exclusive, but Cameron apparently had other plans (via Entertainment Tonight). He was seen leaving Brown's apartment one morning and then photographed again by paparazzi two days later with supermodel GiGi Hadid. Cameron and Hadid never confirmed they were dating but had been spotted out in public together for a period of about two months. The pair were seen at clubs, going out to eat with famous friends like tennis star Serena Williams, and partying together at the 2019 VMA's afterparty. The relationship seemed to be a short summer fling, though, as it lasted less than two full months. Cameron has since revealed that he feels "very, very sorry for" how the Hadid situation went down. "If I could go back and do it all again, I would handle it differently," he wrote in his book, "You Deserve Better" (via Us Weekly). "My communication should have been better."

After his romance with Hadid ultimately ended, Cameron was linked to model Stassie Karanikolaou, "Siesta Key" star Juliette Porter, and Fenty model Camila Kendra (via Us Weekly).

Tyler and Paige were spotted together in July 2022

Over the course of summer 2022, Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze were spotted in public together, sometimes making PDAs.

During the Fourth of July weekend, Lorenze and Cameron were spotted partying in Montauk, Page Six reported. They were seen at the Surf Lodge along with many rappers, supermodels, and famous DJs, including Diplo. On July 17, the couple was spotted kissing on the streets of New York City (via E! News). The images had many people convinced they were staged, to which Lorenze clapped back in a TikTok comment, saying she would have probably looked better if she had staged them (via Us Weekly). After one commenter said Lorenze was essentially staging the photos for followers, the influencer wrote back, "I love the grip I have on you."

Shortly after all the sightings of the couple, Cameron spoke with E! Insider about his brand new relationship with Lorenze. "It's fresh, it's new, and it's a lot, you know, relationships are a lot of learning and a lot of understanding and we're going through it. It's been great, and it's been fun so far and we'll see where this whole thing goes," he said.

The Instagram debut of Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze

Rumors of the new romance between Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze began spreading like wildfire on social media. Lorenze is popular on social media with over 365,000 followers on Instagram and over 142,000 fans on TikTok. She often gives her fans an inside look into her life by showing off her "Adam Sandler dad fits" as well as her cooking vlogs, where she films inside her New York City apartment or while on vacation.

On July 17 2022, Lorenze posted a "cook with me" video that showed short clips of her in Cameron's NYC apartment with the two of them preparing a salmon dinner. One clip, in particular, caught the attention of many eager fans. The video clearly shows Cameron sitting at the kitchen counter helping Lorenze prepare dinner. Fans took to the comments, writing things like, "I was NOT ready for this omg," "My jaw DROPPED," and "I just gasped."

After also being spotted out in public in July, the posting of the video gave fans hope that the couple may not just be another one of Cameron's summer flings, but that this could turn into a serious relationship.

They left hints about their relationship on social media

On August 1, Tyler Cameron posted a shirtless selfie while at the beach. He tagged the location of the photo in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where Paige Lorenze vacations frequently. He captioned the series of three photos, "Sunsets in Nantucket >." Lorenze commented under his picture, "Sweet boy," along with a heart emoji. Lorenze's comment racked up more than 300 likes from fans of the couple. Multiple Instagram users replied to Lorenze's comment asking if the pair was dating, to which she did not respond.

In addition to the comment, both Cameron and Lorenze posted hints regarding their relationship on their Instagram Stories, but never as a permanent post. They were seen out and about in Nantucket, and Cameron shared multiple pictures from a boat date while in the popular resort town. Photos showed a shared cheese board and wine, and Cameron even posted an image of Lorenze from behind the steering wheel of the boat. Cameron also reposted the sweet video Lorenze captured of him in the ocean during sunset. This was certainly a date Bachelor Nation could get behind.

Tyler Cameron announced his breakup on TV

After only a month together, the couple split suddenly. Tyler Cameron confirmed the breakup on air during E!'s "Daily Pop." When asked by the host about his recent boat date with Paige Lorenze, Cameron responded that the pair had actually "taken a step back" and were "not dating anymore" (via Extra TV). "We both have a bunch of respect and love for each other but just not the right time for both of us right now," he admitted. Cameron further told host Loni Love that he was "absolutely" single, and, well, he didn't look all that upset about it.

The announcement by Cameron on national television had fans shocked. Although fans may have been hoping it wasn't true, Lorenze later confirmed the breakup to Page Six, saying, "Yes, I am single."

If you were one of the ones who were excited over his return to singleness, just know it doesn't have anything to do with him potentially being cast as the Bachelor, he already (mostly) shot those rumors down prior to dating Lorenze. "I'll never say 'no' to it," he told NBC's "Today."  However, he said, "I'm in a place right now with dating and that whole part my life where I have no time for it. I only have time for myself right now."

Paige Lorenze was caught off guard by Tyler Cameron publicizing their breakup

After Tyler Cameron confirmed the couple's split on "Daily Pop," Lorenze was initially silent, which undoubtedly made fans suspect there was something wrong. Before long, though, Lorenze took to social media and commented on the split. "Had no idea he was talking to media," she wrote in a since-deleted comment on one of Zachary Reality's TikTok videos (via Page Six). "But I am not embarrassed," she continued, "I stepped away. Just weird."

She seemed extremely caught off guard and hurt by his appearance on the E! show. In a statement she provided to Page Six, the influencer clarified, "There wasn't a dramatic split or any bad blood between us." She continued, revealing, "I am more career-focused than ever, and my priority has to be my clothing brand and my career — and that's going to require me to be in NYC at the moment," Lorenze explained to Page Six. "I've always made such large life adjustments for my partners in the past, but for right now, focusing on me is where I am at."

The reason for Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze's split

After Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze's breakup was confirmed, fans were left wondering what went wrong — especially so soon after seeing many happy moments the couple posted on social media. Although Cameron told "Daily Pop" that he was single, and posited it was because he had "too much on [his] plate" (via E! News). Nevertheless, according to Page Six, Cameron was spotted partying with a mystery woman only a few days after the breakup was announced. 

Per the report, he was seen with a "mystery brunette" woman at the Little Sister at the Moxy East Village in NYC. The woman was spotted near Cameron all night and they seemed to be flirting heavily. Although he was with his guy friends at a table, he was allegedly seen with mystery woman for most of the night and into the morning hours. Cameron's reps did not respond to Page Six's request for comment, but it sure seems that he had no trouble moving on after his quick split from Lorenze.

What's next for Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze?

While it ultimately did not work out between Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze, they do still share something in common: their focus on their careers. Lorenze is dedicated to promoting her brand Dairy Boy, inspired by the time she has spent in the mountains in Vermont. According to the Dairy Boy website, her merchandise brand is one for "someone who shamelessly enjoys life's simple pleasures and embraces what makes them happy."

Lorenze also chopped her hair in a blunt bob after the breakup and has posted multiple Instagram pictures and TikToks showing off her new look. Fans were quick to call out Lorenze's "breakup chop." Some commented on her various social media accounts saying they are "here for" the influencer's new look and that she "seems like she's living her best life." 

As for his part, Tyler Cameron is also thriving. In an Instagram post, he announced he will be the face of Steve Madden's fall campaign. He is also focused on continuing his podcast, "The Everybody But Me Show", in which he talks about relationships — everything from first date ideas to how to spot red flags in a future partner. The podcast also features celebrity guests and relationship gurus who help answer listeners' questions. As he revealed on Instagram, he got the idea for the podcast — and its name — while "sitting at dinner with my friends, everyone there is in a relationship or married or wanting to be engaged and I am over here not even remotely close to any of them."

Even though it "wasn't the right time" for "Bachelorette" alum Tyler Cameron and influencer Paige Lorenze, they both seem to be doing well after the split and focusing on making big personal career moves for the future.