How The August 27 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Sagittarius

With a new moon comes new possibilities and the excitement of starting fresh — it's a period of time that's key to sowing the seeds of hope (via Allure). This new moon on August 27 is no different, as it's in goal-oriented Virgo this time, per PopSugar. With the new moon being in Virgo, Allure says this is the perfect time to be intentional about your daily routine.

Check in on your fitness and see what's helping you stay in shape, as well as what's not serving you well. Making sure you're practicing regular self-care habits is also important, as drinking eight glasses of water a day, getting a full night's sleep, and trying out that new activity that has been pending on your bucket list can be life-changing.

Bustle reports that you will be one of three signs that will be most impacted by this new moon, Sagittarius. Now is the time to reset and refresh your mind by re-evaluating long-term goals and intentions you've set.

This new moon may make you crave a change in your career

Being the free spirit that you are Sagittarius, the new moon will have you contemplating the future of your career and you may be feeling like taking a huge leap by changing your field, per PopSugar. Taking drastic actions can lead to unforeseen consequences though, which is why astrologer Stephanie Whaley told PopSugar that she recommends Sagittarians channel the new moon's "earth-sign energy" and prioritize patience as they navigate any transitions in their work life. "Protect your energy and map out your must-haves when searching for and defining your next vocational aspirations," Whaley said, adding, "The key to achieving your empire is reminding yourself it's a marathon, not a sprint."

And the good news is that the New York Post says you may not have to wait too long to start building your empire. Expect to see promising career updates such as job offers from top companies, a much-deserved promotion, or even accolades for your work. The sky's the limit for you, adventurous Sagittarius! Just use your time wisely during this inspirational new moon period to craft a goal list that will make your highest ambitions come true.

Believe in yourself and exciting career opportunities will come your way

If you have been feeling discouraged from a rocky start this year in your work life, Woman & Home says you can prepare for a breath of fresh air. Expect lots of potential opportunities in your professional life during this new moon period and make sure you are open and ready for a transition, whether it's a raise or a new career. Use this time to network and connect with your mentors to seek feedback before you start job-hunting.

The Indian Express recommends taking time to set emotional boundaries with others so that you are surrounding yourself with positive people who are uplifting and encouraging you to be the best version of yourself, rather than those who bring down your natural confidence. According to Bustle, the new moon will be shedding light on important career and networking opportunities, too, so it's important to channel your ambition into focus and seize those opportunities that come your way.

Astrologer Erin Sunday told Bustle, "Sagittarius people love to do it BIG, and while this new moon might not support immediate action, it's great for talking about the long-term practical realities of what they desire most. The foundations laid now will inform the legacies they leave behind."