The Young And The Restless' Michelle Stafford And Amelia Heinle Reveal How They Embarrass Their Daughters

"The Young and the Restless" star Michelle Stafford is someone who takes her role as a mother very seriously. While she is best known for her role as Phyllis Summers on the hit CBS soap, Stafford is also a mom to her two children at home; Natalia Scout and Jameson Jones. She welcomed her daughter via surrogacy, per Soaps in Depth. In an interview with She Knows back in 2013, Stafford said that being both a single mom and a working mom was no walk in the park for her or for others in her same shoes, too. She said, "Very few women can just be stay-at-home moms. Both parents usually have to work, and as a mother, that is very hard. Us women, clearly we are the most powerful sex. I have so much respect for working mothers and working single mothers. So much respect. I just want to get us all in a room and have a big party!"

Fast-forward to the present time and Stafford is not only still rocking this thing called motherhood, but also doing one heck of a job in making sure that she makes sure to do her job while embarrassing her kids, too. After all, that's part of the job description, right?

Michelle Stafford and Amelia Heinle take it up a notch in parental embarrassment

Sharing an Instagram video of what looks like Michelle Stafford showing off some of her best TikTok moves with her "The Young and the Restless" co-star Amelia Heinle (because that's what all the moms of pre-teens do these days), she captioned it with, "I was putting this together and accidentally made myself and Amelia into cartoons . . . This is our first in a series called 'How to embarrass Georgia and Natalia.' I think we will be quite successful at it. Ya know, go big or go home. It seems that we embarrass our 12-year-old daughters on a daily basis so we might as well document it for you all. More videos to come . . . get ready girls."

Heinle commented, "This is the best!!!! I am so happy to embarrass Georgia because she now hates me anyway." Other fans said, "I want to join the 'How to Scar Our Kids for Life' club!!" along with, "Embarrassing your children is one of the greatest joys in life there is!" 

If only every parent looked this good while embarrassing their kids. Then again, it's not like her on-screen character Phyllis Summers has never done anything to embarrass her daughter Summer Newman either.