Here Are The Best Coffee Table Books You Should Own In 2022

Coffee table books are an easy way to style your coffee table. When chosen well, they can both add to your interior decor and stimulate your mind with their engaging content. They also make brilliant presents for people due to their often specific and niche topics. You can give one as a housewarming present to make a place feel more welcoming, or to your best friend who has been really into knitting lately, or to your sister who just got her dream job in fashion.

Whilst coffee table books can be pricey due to their hardback design and glossy pages, there are some that are suitable for when you're on a budget. They will improve your living room ambiance, teach you things you never even considered, and make you appear intellectual — what more could you want? Whether you choose books about fashion, music, travel, or interior design, these coffee table books are sure to help you learn something new.

A coffee table book on someone's interest can be a great gift when you're struggling with what to get them

There are different books to suit every taste, but if you're buying a coffee table book as a gift for someone who is interested in fashion, you can't go wrong with "Tom Ford" (via The Spruce). Although expensive, the book's quality and content are a must-have for trendsetters and fashion historians alike. If you're looking for something a little more budget-friendly, Vogue recommends "Ralph Lauren: In His Own Fashion." This book is under $40 and is a great purchase for someone just getting into fashion as it guides you through the iconic Ralph Lauren legacy. 

For music lovers, Michael Ochs' "1000 Record Covers" is the perfect gift (per Glamour). It will allow the receiver to reminisce and look back on fond memories, which makes it a good gift for older relatives, too. Alternatively, for younger music fans "Rihanna" is an ideal gift. Containing over 1000 photos, the book was made in collaboration with musician-turned-businesswoman Rihanna herself. It isn't just for fans of Rihanna, though, as it will take you on a journey through the music industry when Rihanna was ruling the charts.

You will be flooded with inspiration for your home after reading these coffee table books

If you're looking to get some home inspiration or have a friend experimenting with becoming a budding interior designer, "Homebody" by Joanna Gaines of HGTV is a great choice, according to The Spruce. Alternatively, if you can't seem to stop watching the Architectural Digest celebrity homes series on YouTube, "Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style" is a way to bolster your addiction, Glamour noted. Packed full of titbits about previous magazine editions and celeb homes like David Bowie's, it's essential for any AD fan. For something a bit more out there, Vogue recommends Celia Forner's "Bedtime: Inspirational Beds, Bedrooms, & Boudoirs," a unique book that serves to highlight some of the most unusual and influential private chambers in history. 

Finally, for seasoned travelers and dreamers alike, The Independent puts Paul Nicklen's "Born to Ice" top of the list. A National Geographic photographer, Nicklen has taken some stunning photographs, and many of them can be found within these pages. A more affordable travel option is "Journey: An Illustrated History of Travel" by Hive Books, which takes the reader on an in-depth but never dull history of how humans have traveled throughout different eras — there really is a coffee table book for everybody.