Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Give Fans Mixed Feelings About Marlena's Latest Fall Kidnapping

"Days of Our Lives" has been bringing the drama to daytime television for decades with wild storylines and shocking plot twists, and fans have watched nearly every character be kidnapped at some point. This week there will be more kidnapping chaos as the villain known as Orpheus has decided to yet again set his sights on hurting Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols), John Black (Drake Hogestyn), and Roman Brady (Josh Taylor). 

In the weekly promo, which was posted to the show's official Twitter account, Orpheus is threatening to kill Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans), Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), and Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow). Orpheus is seen holding all three fan-favorite characters hostage in what looks to be an abandoned warehouse. The women are tied up and will be up to their significant others to save them (via Soaps). However, this won't be any ordinary rescue mission for the private investigators and former police commissioner. Orpheus will be looking to make things difficult for his enemies and he's devised a way to play with their minds as they scramble to save the women that they love. 

To make matters worse, Steve, John, and Roman will only have one hour to save Kayla, Marlena, and Kate or they might lose all three of them.

Days of Our Lives viewers don't see eye to eye on the latest kidnapping drama

"Days of Our Lives" fans will watch this week as Orpheus sets a bomb and gives Steve Johnson, John Black, and Roman Brady a series of puzzles and clues to figure out where he's hiding Kayla Brady, Marlena Evans, and Kate Roberts. The three men will work together to crack the code and save their partners before the bomb goes off and the unthinkable happens. However, fans seem to have mixed feelings about the kidnapping storyline.

Some fans were thrilled with the new promo. "OMG! Gotta watch," one tweeted. "I enjoy seeing all the intrigue & suspense! Orpheus is such a great & sinister villain!" another wrote. However, not everyone was happy to see another kidnapping plot. The forever kidnapped! Marlena should just have a bag packed ready for such an occasion," one comment read. "Get a new storyline please," another fan agreed. "I am so tired of seeing Orpheus. It's getting really boring, the same old same old..he kidnaps them, then they get rescued...don't John and Marlena have security cameras in the building?" one viewer stated.

It appears that the storyline won't be a favorite for some viewers. However, in the world of soap operas, a new and exciting adventure is always just around the corner.