Why General Hospital Fans Think Evil Esme Is Back For Revenge

Since 1995, Maura West has been a prolific soap opera actress starring on such shows as "As the World Turns" and "The Young and the Restless." Since 2013, she has stirred up trouble on "General Hospital" as former gangster Ava Jerome. She murdered Connie Falconeri (Megan Ward), has been arrested, escaped from jail, shot people, ran a gambling den, and covered up another murder among a litany of crimes, making a lot of enemies over the years, per Soap Central. Ava also married Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), but according to the San Francisco News, the two are on the outs because Nikolas slept with his son's girlfriend, the evil Esme Prince (Avery Pohl).

As Cheat Sheet tells it, the nefarious Esme was planning to leave town but was confronted by Ava at the mansion they live in called Wyndemere. Esme had a letter that she was trying to hide and Ava attempted to grab it from her. The two got into a struggle and Esme accidentally fell off of the parapet — her body was never found. Later, at the Quartermaine BBQ, Ava was strolling around, minding her own business when someone wielding a hay hook stabbed her in the stomach with it (via Soaps She Knows).

The list of people who either would have a reasonable motive to want Ava dead, or who are her arch enemies is long and fans have been weighing in on social media as to who they believe is responsible.

Fans weigh in on who stabbed Ava with a hook

"General Hospital" has the fans continually guessing who stabbed Ava with a recent Twitter post saying, "Ava's attacker left her to die at the Quartermaine boat house. How long will it take for help to arrive?" Many viewers posited a wide range of suspects. "Esme, Ryan, Nicholas, Spencer, Austin's cousin, Elizabeth, Victor. I am thinking Victor but.... maybe," guessed one fan. Esme's name came up quite a bit with tweets like, "I think it's Esme," and, "Was it Esmé?! We know she isn't dead," as well as, "Esme has returned for vengeance hook and all."

One long-time viewer was reminded of the time that Victor Jerome (Jack Axelrod) was at the Quartermaine boathouse and purposely swallowed a brooch — thereby choking himself to death — because Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) would not return his love. They tweeted a gif of the scene and wrote, "Not Ava almost dying in the same place her father died." Another fan wrote, "This is brilliant writing! Totally caught me off guard, got me all confused and I can't wait for what's happening next. Plus Esme eventually rising from the ashes. Classic daytime!"

And adding a great deal of levity to the conversation, one fan stated, "So who ever did it is the Port Charles Hooker?.... What?"

While even serial killers can be redeemed in Port Charles, the mystery of whodunit has to be solved first.