How To Pull Off A Disney-Themed Nursery

We simply can't get enough of Disney (we even made a list of Disney characters who need their own live-action movie.) If you're also a Disney super-fan and happen to have a baby on the way, you will absolutely love creating a Disney-themed nursery for your incoming little one.


What makes Disney so magical? Since its inception in 1923, the Walt Disney Company has been captivating audiences around the world with its music-filled, family-friendly onscreen adventures (via History). It's pretty much a cultural movement at this point. Per CNBC, the powerhouse media company owns several of the highest-grossing movie franchises in the world. These include household names like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the "Star Wars" franchise.

Were you one of the many who fell in love with Disney as a kid and still adore its movies today? Then this guide to pulling off a Disney-themed nursery is the perfect read for you.

Choose a theme that you love

Before you buy all those ultra-cute, Disney-themed art pieces you've been hiding in your Amazon shopping cart for months, hit pause real quick and ask yourself this question: What theme do you want for your nursery? There's no shortage of Disney themes to choose from when it comes to making a nursery you can be proud of. From enchanted castles inhabited by beasts and chatty cutlery to galaxies far, far away, the only thing hard about finding the right theme is trying to decide which movie is your favorite! Want to go old school and include "Robin Hood" in your decorations? Or do you prefer something newer, like aquatic-themed "Luca?" The choices are endless.


Once you have your heart set on a theme, your next step is to pick a color scheme. Your color scheme will play a big role in tying your new baby's nursery all together. According to Lambs & Ivy, the colors you choose are definitive of your nursery's theme and mood.

Feeling confused on where to start when it comes to colors? You can get inspired by the theme you chose. Take a look at "Toy Story," which is probably the perfect movie to base your tiny human's new room on. You can include something like the iconic "Toy Story" wall shown in this Instagram post. This blue-sky wall from the film is straight-up adorable and the perfect base to get your nursery well on its way.

Complete your nursery with Disney-themed decor

Now that you have your theme and color scheme pinned down, it's time to bust out the fairy dust, pirate chests, and genie lamps! In other words, it's time to add the decor. This is where building your Disney-themed nursery gets even more fun, especially you're into arts and crafts.


One accessory that really lets flex your love for Disney is a mobile. Every new baby deserves a cute mobile spinning above their crib. In fact, Happiest Baby says a mobile is a great way to stimulate your new baby's brain and hone their visual tracking skills, too.

If you're a die-hard fan of Disney princesses and want your mini-me to love them, too, you might try your hand at crafting a Disney princess mobile. Not all of us are the crafty kind, and that's more than okay. You can also buy a beautiful Disney princess from Etsy if you want to save your fingers a few pricks from a sewing needle. Good luck with your nursery, and may the force be with you!