We Finally Know Who Will Play William And Catherine In The Crown

Sure, we haven't even seen season 5 of "The Crown" yet — but according to Distractify, the premiere date is just months away! Reportedly, fans will see what happened next in the torrid romance between Princess Diana and Prince Charles. We don't know the exact timeline of where season 5 will end and season 6 will pick up, but casting decisions are already being announced for what is being hailed as the final installment of the juicy Netflix show (via Tatler).

Indeed, according to Deadline, the show has already cast two of the most highly-anticipated roles: Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

The outlet reports that the Duke of Cambridge will actually be portrayed by two actors — one who will play the teen version of the future king of England, and another who is set to take on the part as William becomes an adult. The two future mega-stars are Rufus Kampa and Ed McVey, respectively.

A quick search on IMDB for the younger actor reveals that "The Crown" will mark his first major role — or perhaps his first on-screen role of any kind, as his name does not yield results. Deadline notes he has acted on stage to an impressive degree.

McVey also seems to be a relative newcomer to Hollywood. Another fresh face who will be joining the show is the actress tapped to portray the Duchess of Cambridge.

The actress set to play Catherine is new to the screen

With 16-year-old Rufus Kampa playing a young Prince William — and taking on the tragic chapter of his life when Princess Diana died — and 21-year-old Ed McVey set to embody the one-day king during the time he met Catherine Middleton, fans are dying to know who will play the eventual wife of the Duke of Cambridge (via Deadline and Variety).

That highly-coveted role is going to be tackled by a newcomer to the screen: Meg Bellamy. The soon-to-be household name was selected by "The Crown" after sending in an audition tape responding to a social media casting call.

Not much more is known about Bellamy, other than she has only acted in an amateur capacity until now. It's worth noting that according to Tatler, the call that was put out to find the actors to portray William and Catherine stipulated that no previous professional experience was required.

The sixth season of "The Crown" will begin filming in the fall, according to Primetimer.