18 Best Diaper Bags You Can Buy In 2022

Whether you're about to be a new parent or you already have a little bundle of joy in your arms, you know that if there's one thing that comes along with a baby wherever they go, it's lots of baby supplies. And if you're going to be bringing baby supplies along with you everywhere, you're gonna need a diaper bag that will be able to store everything and make your and your baby's life a bit easier. 


Still, just because you're a parent and have tons of baby stuff to carry around doesn't mean you can no longer carry your essentials with you or look your best and stay on top of 2022's fashion trends. We're here to tell you that having a baby doesn't mean you have to make a single sacrifice when it comes to your bag.

There are a lot of things you should learn before welcoming a new baby into the world, as well as tons of things you need to do to prepare. As a result, plenty of important things — including choosing the perfect diaper bag — go to the back burner. Doing the research can be time-consuming and confusing, and how can you be sure that you've picked the bag that meets all of your needs? Well, we set out to take this one thing off of your plate. We've compiled a list of our favorite diaper bags you can buy in 2022. The research has been done for you, so all you have to do is a little online retail therapy.


How we selected the best diaper bags

Your diaper bag is probably the most important bag you'll ever need. Why? Because this one's for both you and your baby, and it needs to work equally well for both of your needs. You need something reliable that wards messiness and disorganization away. That said, you likely have a lot going on, and there's not a ton of time to do research on which diaper bag meets all of your needs. 


To make the most accurate and comprehensive list of the best diaper bags, we started by narrowing down the most common needs. For obvious reasons, there are a lot of things people need from their diaper bags, and we wanted to make sure that most people's specific wants were represented. Then we started our research. From sifting through bag descriptions to reviews by actual parents, we were able to pick the bag that best fits each category while still taking price, appearance, and ease of purchase into consideration. We're confident that your and your baby's match made in diaper bag heaven is somewhere on our list.

Best overall

No diaper bag could fulfill every need you have. But, if you're looking for a pick that gets shockingly close, this BabbleRoo backpack is the way to go. This bag goes on your back, so you won't feel like you're lugging the whole world around while still having everything you need. You and your baby have heaps of stuff, and you want to be able to find everything without digging around a seemingly bottomless pit. This bag was definitely designed to help with that. It has five insulated pockets to keep bottles of any size warm or cold, a detachable pacifier pocket, and two camouflaged front pockets to store anything you need easy access to. It's also waterproof and extra reinforced for the durability you need when life's many unexpected drops and spills come at you.


One review says, "What can I say about this bag? This is my third baby diaper bag. So I have owned two before this baby. This is definitely the most "expensive" one I've bought, the quality is worth it though. It is the nicest one I have owned! It washes very well (just with a rag/water, or a baby wipe)." If you don't have any particular wants for your bag other than... well, everything a baby could need for a great price, shop no further.

You can get the BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack for $41.99 on Amazon.

Best budget

Not only does this bag have a sleek look and tons of great features, but it's less than $40. It's a backpack, which many of our picks are, because that gives you a little more freedom to use your arms for all the myriad tasks you have to complete when taking care of a little one. This backpack's main pocket opens up super wide so you can see everything you've got inside without things getting lost in the crevices. Who wants to be grabbing around in the bottom of a bag while your baby is crying for their pacifier in the middle of the supermarket? Literally no one. It also has padded straps for comfortable wearability and straps to hang it on your stroller. On top of all of that, it's waterproof.


If you're still wondering if this bag is just a great price but not a great buy, this review says it all: "This diaper bag is designed perfectly. The pockets and compartments are just where you need them. The inside makes it so easy to grab what you need and see/store everything you need for kiddos. I have been through at least 6 different diaper bags, including some of the high end ones, with my multiple children and this bag has been my favorite BY FAR!" We'd trust someone with the experience of many children and 6+ diaper bags any day.

You can get the HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack for $37.99 on Amazon.

Best splurge

We seldom set out with the intention of spending big bucks on something, but if you're ever going to choose an accessory to splurge on, your diaper bag is a very good choice. This Gucci option will definitely set you back quite a bit more than the others, but we think it's actually worth it if you want to treat yourself to an extra special bag that you'll be using for a long time and through many stages of your little one's life. One blogger shared just how worth the price tag this bag really is, saying, "This bag was definitely a splurge for me! I went back & forth on it for months trying to decide if I wanted to get it or wait. Finally, I had another mama convince me it was the perfect bag for the 1st year because it comes with the changing pad, has compartments on the inside (for bottles, wipes, etc.), can buckle on the stroller, can be worn as a crossbody, and is easy to flip open when you're juggling a baby/carseat/bottle."


It's also easy to clean, and with the Gucci label, we know it's well-made and durable. Of course, part of what sets a bag like this apart from the rest is the look. We love that while it's definitely sophisticated and chic, it's still versatile with a neutral color palette and a tiny print. And, with all this, it's definitely still nice and roomy.

You can get the GG plus diaper bag for $1,450 at Gucci.

Best for multiple kids

One of the toughest phases of child-rearing is when you have multiple kids of varying ages who all have very different stuff that they need their parent to carry around for them. If you're in this phase, a diaper bag designed for a newborn just isn't going to cut it. One of the features that make this backpack perfect for multiple kids is that it has two separate main compartments. This means that you can keep your kids' stuff separated and organized. It has a whopping total of 18 different compartments plus a changing mat. It's also reinforced for comfort, so even though you're carrying all your kids' stuff on your back, you won't feel like you are.


One reviewer says, "This diaper bag is awesome. It can hold everything I need for my [two] boys. I love that it has several quick access pockets. I can organize all my stuff really well. There's definitely plenty of room. The bag is really cute and seems super well made. I've noticed that the zippers are really smooth. The back and the straps are well padded so it is easy to carry. And the bag is just cute! And it doesn't scream diaper bag. The bottle pockets on the side are generous and fit my sons' fatter water bottles/sippy cups."

You can get the Hap Tim Multi-Function Large Baby Diaper Bag for $44.99 on Amazon.

Best for twins

If you have twins or even just two little ones who are close in age, you have both of your hands full at all times. Think of this RUVALINO bag as that extra helping hand you need. In addition to its main pocket, this bag has 10 compartments inside, including one designed to keep your laptop protected. Since you have two kids, it's fitting that this bag has a place for two of everything: insulated pockets for two bottles, two diaper sections, and even a spot for two little spoons. Plus, it comes in seven different neutral colors and one super cute pastel pink if you're hoping to make a bit more of a statement with your bag.


One reviewer said they tried four bags from varying brands before landing on this one and it ended up being far superior to the others. " All of the different pockets make it easy to organize and find baby's things when you are out and about. It fits more than any other bag we have tried," they wrote. "We have used this daily for 5 months now and couldn't be happier with the storage and durability of this bag. Great for hauling food, diapers, bottles, toys, extra clothes, and necessities to the babysitter every day."

You can get the RUVALINO Multifunction Diaper Bag Travel Backpack on Amazon for $41.99.

Best diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag

Just because you have diapers and baby wipes to lug around doesn't mean you always want to look like you're lugging diapers and baby wipes around. We all know that there are diaper bags that look like diaper bags, and you know what's inside one of those bags the second you see it. Still, most new mamas still want to feel like themselves and wear a cute outfit without ruining the whole look with a bag covered in pink unicorns. For these reasons and more, we are in love with this diaper clutch from Petunia Pickle Bottom.


This bag is super cute and neutral, and you'd never know that it's a diaper bag just by looking at it. At the same time, this pick doesn't compromise on anything you'd want from your diaper bag. It's got two outside pockets that are easy to grab your phone and wallet from, as well as a spacious main pocket for all of baby's belongings. It even has a foldout changing pad for on-the-go diaper duty.

One review said, "Wow- this thing is absolutely amazing... This will now be my go to for the majority of our outings (which are usually short). It can hold the essentials- a couple diapers, wipes, a bottle if you need one, a small burp rag, hand sanitizer, etc. it's so chic I just love it!! So happy!"


You can get the Petunia Pickle Bottom Companion Diaper Clutch for $79.00 on Amazon.

Best for special occasions

What diaper bag you'll take to a special occasion isn't the first thing parents think of when shopping for baby supplies. Still, situations like this definitely pop up, and you want to be prepared when they do. If you're thinking "that doesn't even look like a diaper bag," you're right; it doesn't, and that's one of the best parts of this clutch. Of course, it won't be able to replace your big, everyday diaper bag, but for taking baby somewhere special, you can bring along just a few things and feel like you're still prepared while looking a bit dressed up. Plus, this little bag comes in 13 different colors, so you can coordinate perfectly with your 'fit for the night.


One review calls it a "great alternative to a full baby bag" and says, "This thing holds a ton of stuff. Multiple diapers, travel pack of wipes, extra onesie, toys, pouches & snacks, plus keys and credit cards. Pretty incredible and a great, classier alternative to our wonderful but kind of bulky backpack style baby bag."

You can get the Freshly Picked Classic Zip Pouch for $55.00 on Amazon.

Best for active parents

If you're always on-the-go or like to take baby with you on trips, hikes, or long afternoons outdoors, you need a bag that you can take on any and all adventures with you. This backpack is by Columbia, and since we know that this company is all about sportswear and gear for the outdoorsy among us, of course their diaper bag is going to be fit for the parent who found themselves relating most to Sporty Spice when watching "Spiceworld" in their youth.


This backpack has everything you'd want in a bag that's going to spend a lot of time outdoors. It's super easy to clean inside and out, has padded and adjustable straps, and protects its contents from the outside temperature. Plus, one reviewer calls it a "great diaper bag for men," so dads who love to stay active are sure to love this diaper bag that looks more like an adventurer's backpack than a bag made to store sippy cups. 

You can get the Columbia Diablo Creek Backpack Diaper Bag for $50.39 on Amazon.

Best for dads

Speaking of great diaper bags for men, we all know that dads definitely need diaper bags, too. Unfortunately, though, dads are rarely the parents in mind when designing diaper bags. That's not the case here. From its compact storage to its sleek design and multiple neutral colors, this diaper backpack from Dagne Dover is our pick for proud owners of a "World's Best Dad" mug. It has removable pouches and a changing pad, along with an easy way to clip it to the back of your stroller. It even has a secure pocket inside for a 13-inch laptop, so there's room for both baby's stuff and dad's stuff alike.


One review says, "I love this diaper bag. It has plenty of room for everything I need. The color and material are great and very high quality. Also I travel a lot and love the fact that it slides over my suitcase." Some of the many other rave reviews prove that this bag is certainly not just for dads. In fact, plenty of folks love this bag for keeping organized all the time — not just when they have a baby in tow.

You can get the Indi Diaper Backpack for $195 from Dagne Dover.

Best compact

Sometimes parents need to carry a ton of stuff for their kids, but other times, they love the idea of being hands-free and bringing along nothing but the essentials. For times like those, we have the world's most perfect diaper bag. 


This belt bag by KIBOU can be worn around your waist like a classic fanny pack or worn over your shoulder; either way, you're hands free. This bag may seem small, and it certainly feels small to wear, but it actually has a pocket with a changing pad and another waterproof pocket that can hold over twenty baby wipes. The bag itself is also waterproof, and there are card slots inside, so you can leave your wallet at home. There's even a ring inside to keep your baby's pacifier always within reach. The bag comes in five neutral shades, so it'll blend in like a regular bag no matter what you're wearing.

One review calls this bag a "game changer" and says, "I purchased this a few months ago and haven't been happier with a baby purchase! I use it all the time with (and without) my 1-year-old. It's super convenient for outings where you don't have your stroller with you. Having everything right there when trying to wrangle a baby on a bathroom changing table makes this a lifesaver. I liked it so much I bought one for my friend!"


You can get the KIBOU Faux Leather Diaper Belt Bag for $98 at Nordstrom.

Best oversized

For other occasions, or for those of us who want to have everything with us at all times in case the baby needs it, we have a favorite oversized pick. There's pretty much nothing you can't fit in this bag. (Seriously –- one customer question even mentions using this bag as a dog carrier....) This bag has a whopping thirteen interior pockets with various purposes and features. The bag can be easily wiped clean and has tiny feet to keep the fabric on the bottom from touching the ground when you set it down on the floor. Another thing that we love about this bag is that just because it's big doesn't mean that it's difficult to carry. You can adjust the straps to be short, messenger bag-style, or over-the-shoulder.


According to one reviewer, "I definitely recommend this bag to everyone! It's very nice and spacious. So many pockets too! I was at first [iffy] but I'm so happy I got this instead of a backpack. Great for people that [have] more then one kid that still need to carry things around for them too and with a baby. Just recently bought it for my best friend and she loves it!"

You can get the Dikaslon Diaper Bag Tote for $40.99 on Amazon.

Best convertible

These days, there are plenty of diaper backpacks, shoulder bags, and as we've seen, even belt bags to choose from. However, that doesn't mean you have to choose just one. If you're looking for a convertible bag that gives you plenty of ways to wear it and can change with your daily moods and needs, look no further than this pick from Freshly Picked. This bag can be a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or even a backpack. It closes with a magnetic front flap, so your things will stay secure without even requiring you to pull a zipper. It has 10 pockets in addition to its center compartment, including a special spot for your phone and your wallet, so your belongings can coexist easily with your baby's. It also has an electronic sleeve and a changing pad and comes in 17 different colors and prints.


According to one review, "There's an insulated pocket for bottles, comes with a little changing mat, and it zippers closed and buttons. It also holds so much stuff! It's such a gorgeous bag that I'll be keeping forever. The quality is AMAZING! If [you're] debating on buying it do it!!!"

You can get the Freshly Picked Women's Convertible Classic Diaper Bag Backpack for $189.00 on Amazon.

Best for travel

We are truly in awe of this part-diaper bag, part-changing table, part-travel backpack masterpiece. If you're going to be traveling with your baby or just need an extra safe and clean spot to change your baby on the go, this is a great option. Not only is this backpack a super organized bag with many pockets and compartments, as well as three insulated bottle spaces, but it also converts into a travel crib/changing table. Plus, it has an attachable shade so that the baby can lie in the travel bassinet without getting the sun in their eyes and clips for its top handles that will make it easy to hang on the back of your stroller. They really thought of everything with this one.


One review says, "This changing bag is everything!! The shipping was quick... The quality of the diaper bag is well made and stylish. I definitely recommend purchasing from this shop!!"

You can get the Apexmode 3 in 1 Travel Bassinet Etsy starting at $32.86.

Best for toddlers

When your baby isn't really a baby anymore, their needs change pretty drastically. Gone are the days of needing burp cloths and bottles, and now, there could be tears if you didn't pack that Peppa Pig action figure and Paw Patrol sippy cup. You need a bag that grows with you and your baby as you venture into those terrific twos. This boxy backpack from Petunia Pickle Bottom is perfect for the toddler stage. To start, we love the look of this bag; just like you and your little one, it's a bit more grown up and sophisticated. It can convert from backpack to shoulder bag to crossbody to meet any need. Plus, it has tons of different colors to choose from –- from multiple neutral colors to cute prints.


This bag has tons of rave reviews, but this one says it all: "Well, let me tell you, this bag is perfect. The material is really nice, the straps are thick and you can tell they're of a high quality. There are a few different compartments, and certainly enough room to store everything you need for your child (even for multiple kids). I love that this doesn't look like a typical diaper bag. I'd feel okay carrying this around with just about anything in it!... As a mom you need all the hand, arm, and hip space as your body offers! I would absolutely recommend this bag to anyone, whether you're looking for yourself for your new baby, shopping for a gift for someone else, or just looking to upgrade bags."


You can get the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack for $189.00 on Amazon.

Best for newborns

Parents know that a newborn's needs are very different from a toddler's. As a result, if you have a little one on the way, you may want to get a diaper bag that will meet all the unique needs of an infant. For starters, this diaper bag is spit-up proof, and we all know how valuable that can be with a new baby. Not only is the entire bag waterproof — including the pockets — but it's actually machine washable. It has insulated pockets for baby's bottles and magnetic pacifier pockets. It's also equipped with stroller hooks and even a removable diaper caddy.


One review says, "This diaper bag is truly amazing. It's such a versatile bag that my husband and I both use, and the medium size is the perfect size. It fits so much without looking too big. I love it so much that I'm going to order another one in their new light gray color, which is going to be my new dedicated workout bag!"

You can get the Caraa Baby Bag Nylon for $318.00 from Caraa.

Best for working parents

If you're a working parent, there are things you may want from your diaper bag that are different from what others want. This Coach bag is the perfect pick for you. It's classy and elegant-looking for the office but still has plenty of baby-friendly features, like stroller straps, a changing pad, and a removable pouch to keep your necessities separate from your mini-me's.


This bag is a tad pricer than most on our list, but you can justify something on the expensive side if it applies to both your baby and your office supply budget, right? One review reads, "I relied on the reviews from others to help me decide if I would purchase this item or not and I am so glad I did! The bag is even more beautiful than the pictures show. It's very luxurious looking and plenty of room for all my girls' essentials."

You can get the Coach Baby Backpack for $495.00 at Coach.

Best eco-friendly

It's not easy being green –– especially when you have a new baby to worry about. If you're always thinking about the environment and shopping from sustainable and ethical brands, that doesn't have to change when you become a parent. We set out to find a bag that had everything you need in a mother-friendly diaper bag while still being mother nature-friendly. We didn't actually have to look far before finding this backpack from Momkindness. 


This bag is made with canvas and vegan leather, which makes it stay looking and feeling as good as new for a long time without compromising that high-end look. It comes with a changing pad and 10 pockets, and it even has a removable vegan leather pouch to store your normal purse contents with an attachable strap to let you carry it as a purse whenever you want.

One reviewer said, "This bag checked the list of items that I needed in a bag- comfortable shoulder straps, detachable purse, wide u-shaped opening, metal feet on the bottom, my husband can wear it, easy to clean, can fit a variety of items as baby grows and doesn't focus on the changing pad. I'm very happy with this purchase! Thank you." Plus, another review proves that it's not just a great bag — it's also durable: "I've been using this diaper bag for almost two years and it still looks just as nice as it did when I first received it! So spacious with enough room for stuff for four kiddos and I always get compliments on it! You will LOVE this bag!"


You can get the Momkindness Duo Backpack for $129 at Momkindness.

Best gender-neutral

Plenty of bags on our list are good choices regardless of your or your baby's gender, but this bag is unique in that it really doesn't make any sort of fashion statement. But even though it doesn't draw attention, this bag really does it all. Its exterior has a place to hang your keys, a baby wipe pocket, and even a removable pouch that can be used as a fanny pack. It also has straps to hang it on the stroller, a fold-out changing spot, and even a pouch that's entirely smell-proof for — well, we don't have to say it, do we?


One review says, "Love Love Love my diaper bag. I [no] longer have to figure where I'll put all of my babies items. I even can fit some of my belongings in there as well. The diaper mat is my favorite part of the bag. Picnics or outdoor events it's so easy to just pull out the mat and change her without wondering where a good place will be. If you're a new mom I highly recommend this bag it'll take a load of worrying off of your plate." A diaper bag that can take some worrying off your plate will leave you a lot more room for making memories with your little one; no matter what we're looking for in our bag, we can all get behind that.

You can get The Ultimate Diaper Backpack for $188 from BÉIS.