General Hospital's Amanda Setton Dishes On Chase And Brook Lynn's Steam Room Scene

On "General Hospital," one of the most loved couples are Detective Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) who are attracted to each other, but each has been second guessing how the other feels. As illustrated by the YouTube clip, when their charade of pretending to be the infant Bailey's parents to save the child from her despicable father was over, Chase and BLQ started to realize they were attracted to each other. They kissed and then suddenly things got awkward and BLQ exited the scene quickly. The two have been dancing around each other and their own feelings for quite some time.

Soap Hub took a poll among fans asking how they felt about the fact that Chase and Willow can't seem to get together — even after they've already lived together pretending to be parents. Chase displayed honor when he stepped in and helped Brook Lynn protect baby Bailey, and BLQ showed true courage in allowing people to believe she was playing games with the child's paternity, while secretly keeping her safe from the clutches of the evil Peter August (Wes Ramsey). 80% of viewers polled were supremely irritated that the two can't seem to get together. Recently, Chase and BLQ finally confessed their affection for each other and shared a kiss at the Quartermaine BBQ (via Soap Central).

But there was one hilarious moment along the way that showed Brook Lynn was very much attracted to Chase early on.

Hilarity ensued in the steam room

At the height of Brook Lynn's baby-protecting scheme, she and Chase were accidentally locked in a gym steam room. Hilarity ensued as Chase tried to open the door, only to have his towel fall off, causing Brook Lynn's jaw to hit the floor, per Soaps Spoilers.

During a recent "General Hospital" Fantasy Event, Amanda Setton and Finola Hughes, who plays Anna Devane, answered fan questions via Zoom. Soap Hub reported on the Q&A session with the two actresses. When asked about their favorite scenes on the show, the topic quickly moved to Josh Swickard. Setton explained that she and Swickard constantly laugh, especially when they have to do scenes where they must gaze longingly into each other's eyes. Hughes corroborated that Swickard is always funny, saying laughter is constantly emanating from a dressing room that's close to hers.

Setton went on to say the steam room scene was one of the best. "It was funny and then trying to keep a straight face and not just a straight face but like an, 'oooh' face when his towel dropped — it was just so funny," she said. Setton continued saying that the fact that Swickard is always prepared as an actor, as well as being funny and caring, helps their on screen chemistry.

Now that the baby-protecting storyline is over, Brook Lynn has set her sights on turning Chase into a rock star. Whatever the outcome, their onscreen chemistry is undeniable.