Foot Traffic Data Shows The Most Popular Month Of The Year For Jared's Jewelry

A trip to a jewelry store isn't the same as a trip to the supermarket or a favorite clothing retailer. Nearly half of all jewelry purchases are inspired by a special occasion, according to the jewelry association The Plumb Club (via InStore Mag). So if you catch a friend or even your significant other in a jewelry store, take note because it might mean a birthday, holiday, or proposal is on the way.

In other cases, though, consumers hit up jewelry stores just to refresh their collections. Though not as quickly as fast fashion micro-trends, jewelry trends do change with time, often inspired by celebrities (recall the revival of Princess Diana's pearls) and high fashion styles. In other cases, people buy jewelry for themselves as a luxurious reward for achieving a personal goal.

No matter the motivation, seeing all the sparkly rings and necklaces perfectly lined up on a jewelry store counter just feels special — and you don't need to be in a swanky spot like New York City's Fifth Avenue to have your own "Breakfast at Tiffany's" moment. Many people visit local Jared's locations to get their diamond fix, and they tend to do it during one specific month of the year.

Jared's Jewelry sees the most foot traffic in December

The List compiled foot traffic data from Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, as seen in the graph above. The data shows that foot traffic peaks in December each year — just in time for Christmas. And that makes sense, given that jewelry and watches are among the most desired Christmas gifts, according to research.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic may have dampened the Christmas spirit, as it's clear that winter holiday foot traffic hasn't fully recovered in Jared stores since 2019. This might partially be because Signet, Jared's parent company, closed nearly 400 stores in 2020, including Jared locations and other nationwide jewelry retailers such as Kay Jewelers and Zales (via Yahoo! Finance). The pandemic can also explain why foot traffic tumbled in the spring of 2020, as many retailers faced lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

Another popular time to shop for fine jewelry, according to our data, is in February, around Valentine's Day. But foot traffic in Jared shops also remained steady through the summer of 2021, which is typically considered to be a slow season when shoppers can expect to find great deals (via CreditDonkey). This summer, however, foot traffic seems to have dipped, which Forbes explains is likely due to current inflation. But if past trends are any indication, there will still be a lot of people hitting up the jewelry counter in December, looking for the perfect holiday gift for their loved one — or themselves.