Everything We Know About The New Prime Minister Liz Truss

Following the disgraceful exit of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with the leader having delivered his resignation speech this past July, and with the tide turning against him after members of his government broke pandemic breakdown restrictions to party, cringe-inducingly the night before the funeral of Prince Philip, a new PM has been elected (via BBC).

Her name is Liz Truss, a Conservative Party leader who is only 47 years old (via NBC News). She had been Britain's foreign minister before winning over opponent Rishi Sunak, the former chief of treasury (via CNBC). Given the so-called cost of living crisis, perhaps it's no shock that she easily defeated him (via PBS NewsHour).

So who is Truss? She's the daughter of math professor and nurse, who grew up in Scotland. Interestingly, this is where she will be asked by Queen Elizabeth II to officially take on her new role, since the ailing monarch is unable to travel back to Buckingham Palace where the ceremony usually takes place. According to the Evening Standard, Truss' appointment will mark the first time this important meeting has played out at Balmoral, a fact that is worrying royal fans who wonder about the Queen's health.

Royal fans may also be wondering about Truss' past distaste for the monarchy.

Liz Truss once opposed the monarchy

Liz Truss is the UK's third female prime minister, following in the steps of Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May (via NBC News). She was first elected to Parliament just 12 years ago according to Royal Central, which also reports on an interesting fact from the new PM's past.

While at Oxford University, she was president of the Liberal Democrats and campaigned to end the monarchy altogether, saying in part in a 1994 speech, "We do not believe people should be born to rule."

Truss went on to marry Hugh O'Leary in 2000 and although the couple is still together, she reportedly had an affair with another politician, Mark Field, some time around 2006 (via Hello!). The couple has two children.

As reported by multiple news outlets, the new leader has a large task ahead to right the ship in the nation and has so far said she is going to first address rising energy costs, without offering a specific plan.