Hillary Clinton's Shocking Story About Chelsea Had The Tonight Show Audience Gasping

We all have our crazy family vacation memories. See-through shower in the middle of a hotel suite the entire brood is planning to board in? Oh, just us. Well, the Clintons may have a tale to top 'em all, and the shocking story was shared on a recent episode of "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon," in which Hillary and Chelsea played the "Mother/Daughter Challenge" game.


In the challenge, the Clinton women took turns putting on noise-canceling headphones to see how well they know each other, with Fallon asking a series of personal questions each had a chance to answer. And wow, was the second question a doozy.

"What is your craziest family vacation memory?" the late-night host asked the former Secretary of State first.

"I hope she doesn't remember this 'cause it was pretty traumatic," the 2016 presidential candidate recalled for the audience. And once you hear the whole story, you'll be hard-pressed not to agree with her!

Chelsea Clinton and Kevin McCallister have something in common

As Hillary Clinton went on to explain to the audience of "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon," the family of three had visited Russia for a state visit when Bill Clinton was commander-in-chief. While the former New York Senator didn't say exactly how old Chelsea was at the time, consider that the former first daughter was 12 in 1993 when her father took office (via People).


Hillary then shared that after some formal goodbyes, she and her husband were whisked away to the airport without being aware that much like Kevin McCallister in "Home Alone," they'd left Chelsea behind.

"Can you imagine leaving my only child in the Kremlin?" the Democrat went on to proclaim, adding, "especially with everything that has happened!"

Unfortunately for her mom, Chelsea did remember the incident, eventually revealing that when her parents left her at the Kremlin was also her answer for the craziest family vacation memory.