Marvel-Inspired Baby Names You'll Love For Your Future Superhero

As you await the arrival of your sweet bundle of joy, there's a lot to do to prepare. Stocking up on diapers, decorating the nursery, and patiently waiting for your life to change completely are just a few things on this endless to-do list. Perhaps the most important bit of preparation, however, is deciding on the perfect name for your soon-to-be sweetheart.


Your baby's name is something they'll be stuck with forever, so it has to suit them at every stage of life. You'll also be repeating it every day, so It's a lot of pressure to choose the right one. "With great power comes great responsibility," as Spider-Man's Uncle Ben so famously says (via YouTube).

If this decision feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, a fun way to start brainstorming baby names is to revisit your favorite action-packed superhero films. In fact, naming your newborn after a pop culture character has become the new norm in the states. However, just in case you may not have time to binge-watch before giving birth, we have a trusty list of Marvel-inspired baby names to help save the day.



Thanos is easily one of the most powerful gods in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it only makes sense that his name has become a big deal in pop culture, too. 

Comicbook reported that the name Thanos first gained traction with American families after the release of "Avengers: Infinity War" in 2018. The fact that this supervillain's name has been on repeat in family households around the country has been quite shocking for the character's creator. "Back when they started, it was strictly Batmans, Spider-Man, you know the heroes," Jim Starlin told the publication. "And the fact that Thanos has gotten as big as he has, quite frankly, surprised the hell out of me."


Just as this Marvel character has set after acquiring all of the Infinity Stones, your little one's birthstone could very well soon rule the universe (or at very least, your home) with a strong name like Thanos.


Throughout history, Soren has traditionally been used as a name for boys, and it's become even more popular over the last few years. According to Nameberry, it was one of the top 10 boys' names used in 2021. What to Expect reported that the name has since found itself in the top 1,000 most popular for American boys in 2022.


However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe completely changed how people thought about this Scandinavian boy's name in 2019. That year, the studio introduced a young woman to the world called Soren in "Captain Marvel" — and she turned out to be a pretty important character. In the film, Soren partners with the female superhero to help save her fellow shape-shifting Skrulls from being completely wiped out. "Captain Marvel" is a film all about girl power, and in the end, Soren proves that butt-kicking isn't just for the boys.

If you're still searching for a unique baby name, Soren could be the perfect one for your little sidekick.


If you're on the hunt for a classic baby name, Hank could be a good choice. In 2022, it was included in the top 500 most popular names for baby boys, What to Expect reported. According to The Bump, the name Hank gained traction with babies at the turn of the century, and its popularity continued to spike after the release of Marvel's "Ant-Man" in 2015.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hank Pym — portrayed by actor Michael Douglas — is pivotal when it comes to Ant-Man's story. In fact, he was the one who designed the shrinking suit and even fought crime in it long before Scott Lang came around.

Just like Hank plays an important role in this superhero's origin story, your little bundle of joy's name will soon be an important one in your family's story. Bonus fact: Hank also translates to "home ruler" in German, and we hate to break it to you, but that's exactly what your newborn will soon become.


Each year, the Social Security Administration releases a list of the most popular American baby names. In 2021, Ava was in the top five for girls, and it's a strong name in the Marvel universe, too.

Ava Starr first appeared in the Marvel film "Ant-Man and the Wasp" in 2018. There, she takes the superheroes by surprise with her ability to turn invisible and travel effortlessly through walls. Her powers were accidentally bestowed upon her in her parents' lab, and soon after discovering her supernatural powers, Ava took on the title of Ghost.


Crazy enough, Ava doesn't actually appear in the classic Marvel comics. The original character, Ghost, was written as a male whose secret identity was never revealed. Today, fans get to see a female version that was created for the film with the identity of Ava included — and her name has since taken the superhero (and baby) world by storm.


It may be time for the name Clint to make a comeback. According to the Social Security Administration, this name reached peak popularity in the year 2000 and has since not been as common in the states. Yet, there's a pretty special character that shares this rare name.


In 2021, the Disney+ series "Hawkeye" hit our small screens and introduced the world to a man named Clint Barker. As ordinary as the mere mortal may be, he's not someone who gives up easily. Clint has built himself up to be one of the most powerful and athletic Marvel characters ever created. Though Clint may not have any supernatural powers like the other Marvel superheroes, the fact that Hawkeye is the "most relatable Avenger" is actually what made actor Jeremy Renner excited to step into his shoes. "That's why I liked him," he told Men's Health. "I'm like, 'I can access this. I get this.'"

Now, parents everywhere have access to this unique baby name, too.


If you're hunting for a name that's just as breathtaking as your bundle of joy, look no further than Zuri. According to the website Baby Names, the Swahili name directly translates into "beautiful" (and is there really any better way to describe your baby?). According to the Social Security Administration, the name Zuri has increased in popularity each year over the last decade. In 2021, it was one of the top 250 names in the U.S. to bestow upon a baby girl — but it can also be used for a baby boy, too.


A place where the name has been popular for boys is Wakanda, the fictional country featured in the Marvel film "Black Panther." Zuri is a loyal and trusted advisor to his King, putting his royal duty above everything else. In fact, he is so faithful to the crown that he sacrifices himself in order to try and save his ruler.

While portraying Zuri on screen, "I wanted to be able to try to bring people to a place of good character," actor Forest Whitaker said during an interview with BlackTree TV — and any child who bears the name is sure to carry on this honorable legacy.


Since being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker has become one of the most recognizable names in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. If your spidey sense is tingling when you read this name, it may be one you should consider for your newborn.


While Peter is a classic name that never seems to go out of style, the name Parker ranked even higher on the list of popular baby boy names in 2022. In the last decade, nearly 50,000 American boys have been named Parker, according to the Social Security Administration.

If you're expecting a baby girl instead, don't nix the name just yet. In 1980, Parker became extremely popular with girls. By 2021, Parker topped the list as one of the top 300 most popular names for American girls, according to The Bump. It's really no surprise that the name has climbed to incredible heights. In early 2022,  Zavvi found that Spider-Man is the world wide web's most searched superhero.


Elizabeth "Betty" Ross is the center of the Incredible Hulk's world. Betty could soon be the center of your world, too, if you decide to name your baby after the iconic Marvel character.

As a common nickname for Elizabeth, the name Betty has since stood alone and made itself one of the most popular names for baby girls. According to The Bump, it began spiking in popularity in 2008, which happened to be the same year that "The Incredible Hulk" hit theaters.


Though Betty — portrayed by the lovely Liv Tyler — may seem to be a supporting character in the film franchise, she's integral to the superhero's origin story. As a Harvard grad and now a successful scientist, Betty has worked her way up to becoming a professor at one of the most esteemed universities in the area. The Hulk would be nowhere without Betty's research — considering she's the one who gave him his superpowers in the first place.


The name "Drax the Destroyer" has a completely new meaning when bestowed upon an extremely active baby.

Australia's 7 News reported that the name Drax (as well as the names of his partners in crime) rose in popularity for babies shortly after the first "Guardians of the Galaxy" film was released in 2014, according to a study conducted by the video game store Lost Universe. "They might not be as common as the likes of Sam or Harry, but for obscure names like Groot and Thanos to have seen such a rise in popularity shows the impact of the Marvel universe," the company's e-commerce manager James Kraftman said in a statement.


According to The Bump, the name Drax is of British descent and is derived from the term "the thinker." Though the Marvel character takes literally everything anyone says, he does a lot of thinking about why humans have to give everything such complex meaning. In the end, it's simple, really: Just name your son Drax.


When disaster strikes and you simply cannot come up with a name for your baby, it may be time for back-up from one of the agents of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division. Melinda May was one of the original agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. who was created specifically for the television series of the same name. Her name may seem simple, but it packs a punch. Nicknamed "The Calvary," she's one of the most skilled and resourceful fighters in the division.


Just like the character is truly one-of-a-kind, so is the name May. Believe it or not, this classic name has decreased in popularity over the last century for a first name, according to the Social Security Administration. Instead, many parents opt to include it as a middle name or as a shortened version of the names Mary or Margaret – so you can rest assured your child will have an incredibly unique name.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe honestly wouldn't be the same if it weren't for its most famous Mays. After all, Spider-Man wouldn't be anywhere without his Aunt May either.


If the name Jasper Sitwell sits well with you, it could be a name to consider for your little one. The character first appeared in the film "Thor" in 2011. As a HYDRA supporter posing as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., he's since snuck his way around the Marvel universe, causing chaos in both "The Avengers" and "Captain America: Winter Soldier." His true identity was eventually uncovered by Captain America himself in the final film.


While he may not be so popular in the superhero realm, the name Jasper has been extremely popular with parents across the states. Its usage first began spiking in the mid-90s, and What to Expect reported that the name eventually landed itself in the top 150 names for baby boys in 2022.

According to Nameberry, this Persian name directly translates to "bringer of treasure," which is exactly what your little bundle of joy will bring into the world.


There's no one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who's quite like the feisty female character Pepper Potts, portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow. After working her way up from billionaire Tony Stark's (aka Iron Man)'s assistant, she eventually landed herself in the role of CEO of his entire company, Stark Industries. Oh, and she also happened to steal his heart along the way.


The name itself has stolen the hearts of parents across America, too. According to the website Oh Baby! Names over 100 baby girls are named Pepper each and every year. It's a name that will always be near and dear to actress Gwenyth Paltrow's heart as well, who had the opportunity to play Pepper Potts for more than a decade. "It was such a wonderful experience making the first 'Iron Man' and then to watch how important it has become to the fans," she told Variety — and that definitely includes her character's unique name.


If you're searching the universe for a name that's anything but low-key, Loki could be something to consider.

Though Loki may be the superhero Thor's brother, the two boys couldn't be further from opposites. According to The Bump, the name Loki derives from the Norse god of mischief — something that the Marvel character has become known for over the course of the film franchise.


Yet, fans across the country (who also happen to be parents) seem to have fallen for Loki's trickery. Australia's 7 News reported that the baby name Loki became especially popular in the states after the release of the first "Thor" film in 2011. The villain's success story even spawned a spin-off television series on Disney+ in 2021. "I have loved playing this character in every iteration," actor Tom Hiddleston said during an interview with Gold Derby. "Loki seems to contain so much breadth and depth, so many surprises for me." That includes the number of babies named after his iconic role.


The Scarlet Witch has been around for quite a long time. She was first introduced to the world all the way back in an "X-Men" comic in 1964, actress Elizabeth Olsen shared with Allure (via YouTube). Yet, it wasn't until Wanda Maximoff first appeared on screen in 2014 that the name became a popular one for baby girls. That year, Wanda briefly appeared at the end of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," spreading curiosity across the globe about her supernatural beginnings and making her parents want to name their new beginnings after her, too.


According to The Bump, the number of families naming their daughters Wanda grew once again shortly after the release of the Disney+ mini-series "WandaVision" which went into even more depth about her backstory. "It's really surreal," actress Elizabeth Olsen told Variety during the premiere of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness."

The name Wanda originated in Slovenia and directly translates to "wanderer," which makes complete sense to any Marvel movie fan — and any parent who has watched their little one on the move.