Here's Where HGTV Films Battle On The Beach

Picturesque beach locales, ready-to-renovate beachfront properties, and three major television personalities. Combine these three key elements and you get HGTV's "Battle on the Beach," a home renovation competition that premiered in July 2021, per HGTV.

The show's basic premise is that three teams of renovators from across the country are each led by an established mentor as they renovate identical properties. Mentors include Ty Pennington and Alison Victoria of HGTV fame, and Taniya Nayak from the Food Network. Whichever team wins gets to take home the $50,000 prize pot to spend on their next renovation project.

The 1st season of the competition was judged by Mike Holmes of "Holmes + Holmes" and Mina Starsiak Hawk of "Good Bones." As mentioned on Broadway World, the show's 2nd season premiered in June 2022 and featured Bryan and Sarah Baeumler from "Renovation Island" as judges.

While the teams work renovation magic on their individual properties, there's no denying that the beautiful beaches that make up the show's backdrop add a lot to each house. Because of this, you may be wondering where exactly this HGTV show is filmed.

Battle on the Beach is filmed on a different beach each season

As mentioned on House Digest, each season of "Battle on the Beach" is filmed at a different location, with HGTV naming the Gulf Shores of Alabama as the first season's setting. This tourist location is made up of 32 miles of white sand beach off of the Gulf Coast, per Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Distractify mentions that the state of Alabama has tax credit incentives for television and movie filming, so that might have contributed to the network's choice of location.

For the 2nd season, "Battle on the Beach" moves to Texas to film at Surfside Beach, per Broadway World. Also located off the Gulf Coast, Surfside Beach is marketed as a beautiful, family-friendly vacation destination, per Visit Brazos Sport. This location offers numerous attractions, including a jetty park, offshore fishing, and several wildlife trails, perĀ Tripadvisor; Not to mention that it looks great on camera!

Battle on the Beach mentors post about the show on their social media

If you keep up with the mentors of "Battle on the Beach" on social media, you're likely to glimpse the picturesque backdrops of the Alabama or Texas shores in their posts about the series.

In a promotional video post that showcases the landscape's beauty and provides a glimpse into the work of the show's renovators, Taniya Nayak writes "@thetypennington @thealisonvictoria and I are so excited for you guys to experience what we got to experience with these amazing house flippers while on the beach in the Gulf Shores," via Instagram.

Similar to his co-star, Ty Pennington has also taken to social media to promote the show. Pennington captions a photo of him and his co-mentors in "Baywatch" style bathing suits, saying, "Watch me make an a** of myself (per usual) on the SEASON 2 premier [sic] of BATTLE ON THE BEACH!!," via Instagram.

Although the picture isn't on the beach, Alison Victoria referenced the show's Season 2 location in a photo of her and Nayak, writing "EVERYTHING'S bigger in Texas. Everything," per Instagram.