General Hospital Star Michael Blake Kruse Shares Heartwarming Family News

Former "One Life to Live" actor Michael Blake Kruse started playing officer Rory Cabrera on "General Hospital" in March, gaining fans right away. He helped make Trina Robinson's (Tabyana Ali) arrest more palatable by giving her a can of soda, and has been involved in her life quite a bit. Rory ended up arresting Cameron Webber (William Lipton) and Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) after they had an altercation. He also testified for Trina's defense when she was on trial, and has since let her know that he's attracted to her (via Soaps in Depth).

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Kruse stated that his portrayal of Rory was informed by the fact that he had several family members and friends who were in both the military and law enforcement. They had set forth examples and ideals that he aspired to in life and he felt that Rory would also subscribe to those notions of honor and justice. He walked into the role understanding that since Rory is a rookie, he would have lofty notions of helping people and giving everyone their due process. Kruse found out that while on the first day of his shooting scenes for "GH," it was also Ali's second day. Then, several days later, executive producer Frank Valentini approached them explaining "how there might be some type of relationship between the two of [them."

While officer Rory's story unfolds on the show, his real-life story is also moving right along.

Michael Blake Kruse announces next family milestone

According to Soap Hub, "General Hospital" star Michael Blake Kruse and his wife Cara Kruse were married in 2019. They had their first child in 2020, and the couple recently announced more family news on Instagram. Cara posted a picture of the two of them with their daughter Harlow standing in a field with the simple caption, "Baby Kruse arriving March 2023." The deluge of congratulations from family, friends and fans alike was enormous. One fan wrote, "Congratulations. Love you on GH. KEEP IT UP," while another stated, "Congratulations to all of you on your future baby Kruse!"

One fan acknowledged Harlow by saying, "Oh wow! Congrats! Big sis couldn't be more adorable! Sure the sibling will be just as cute!" Amid the numerous congratulatory praises, a fan expressed their heartfelt sincerity writing, "I really just wanted to tell y'all, that y'all have a beautiful family & congratulations...[so] happy to hear y'all r fixing to have baby number 2 .. that precious little girl y'all have is going to be even greater than she is now ... she is going to be such a great big sister & is going to be both a blessing & a big help with the new baby when he gets here ... prayers little Moma for a healthy birth !!!"

As Rory and Trina's romance heats up on "GH," Michael's family life continues to attain new, wonderful goals.