The Unexpected Guests Royal Watchers Are Hoping Will Be At The Queen's Funeral

Heartfelt condolences continue to pour in for the late Queen Elizabeth II as people honor her decades-long legacy. In Her Majesty's 70-year reign, she was a champion of many causes and supported a staggering 600-plus charities, according to Independent UK. One thing you don't know about Elizabeth is that she served as a mechanic and military truck driver when she was 18 years old, earning her the nickname "Princess Auto Mechanic," reported the Evening Standard.

In her advocacy, the queen was a major supporter of animal rights and, as per BBC, publicly welcomed legislation to promote animal welfare. Her Majesty was an avid animal lover, and provided a loving home to many pets in her lifetime. The queen was also the owner of many rare animals by default, including swans and dolphins, because of a law's attempt of animal conservation, per Town & Country

Elizabeth's corgis were always a step behind her, which largely inspired her decision to stop breeding in fear of her dying before them, according to Glamour. Now, royal watchers are hopeful that they will be included in her funeral in some capacity as the ultimate honor. The Guardian predicted that there is a strong chance that her corgis will participate in her tribute as the late King Edward II"s fox terrier led the funeral procession.