Lila Gross

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As a California native, Lila hails from the illustrious capital of pop culture and entertainment. She first got her start in news working for TMZ in Los Angeles. As a proud Mizzou Tiger (MIZ!), Lila worked in the midwest for a local NBC affiliate and Newsy before returning to the sunshine in Tampa, Florida. There she created a live news segment called "Living Local with Lila", focussing on new faces and cool places around the Tampa Bay area every morning on NBC. Lila is a self-proclaimed world traveler. When she lived in London, she covering local arts and entertainment. Since then, she's explored over 15 different countries and hopes to trek through many more. When Lila is not dishing out the latest news, you can find her volunteering with Autism Speaks, putting on a chef hat to whip up a mean meal and kicking back at the hottest hangouts.
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