Sarah Taylor

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United States
Entertainment, Politics, Culture.
  • Sarah is an editor for Static Media and has been a dynamic publishing professional for nearly two decades.
  • She has managed, edited, and written for brands all over the country and has a love of grammar and syntax.
  • Sarah has a passion for deconstructing issues facing contemporary women, the intricacies of U.S. politics, and elevating local stories to the national stage to spark grassroots conversations about cultural evolution.


Sarah has worked in editorial production for more than 15 years, having experience ranging from writing and editing to management, graphic design, advertising, and more. She began her career at the tender young age of 18 and learned the ropes by working her way up as an unpaid intern with a local publishing company. From there, Sarah honed and refined her craft by leaps and bounds, and was able to gain invaluable experience working in writing, editing, social media engagement, SEO, personnel management, and brand administration. She was ultimately tapped to be managing editor of one of the biggest brands in the U.S., further solidifying her commitment to excel at all levels of editorial concept work. Her work has been featured in digital publications such as TMZ, TooFab, Playboy, HelloGiggles, TheBlaze, The Hollywood Gossip, EB Media, and more.


While Sarah never received an undergraduate degree, she embarked on her journalism journey nearly 20 years ago. She continues working daily to perfect her art and aims to provide mentoring opportunities to those who, like her, have a burning passion in their heart for the written word.
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