The Queen Once Shared Strong Feelings About Donald Trump In The Most Subtle And Royal Way

Throughout her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II, who sadly passed away on September 8, met with hundreds of world leaders. She encountered 13 U.S. presidents, from Harry Truman in 1951 to Joe Biden in 2022 (via Fox News). However, one of the most memorable meetings was with former president Donald Trump.

In June 2019, Trump undertook his first state visit to the United Kingdom as president (via NBC News). Despite spending the days leading up to his visit arguing with London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, on Twitter, Trump put the bitterness aside to meet the queen for the first time at Buckingham Palace. According to Insider, Trump broke royal protocol on two occasions that day, which included opting for a handshake rather than a bow, and walking in front of Her Majesty. While she didn't share her personal opinion of state leaders, Vox noted that the brooches she wore during his first visit may have given a hint at her relationship with Trump and how she felt about their meeting.

While meeting the former president, Queen Elizabeth II wore her diamond teardrop brooch, which she wore for the first time during the 1952 state funeral for her father, King George VI. Not only that, but she wore the American State Brooch during Trump's visit as well, which was gifted by Barack and Michelle Obama in 2011 (via Twitter). And the day of the state banquet — which she did not attend — she wore the Sapphire Jubilee Snowflake Brooch given to her by the governor-general of Canada in 2017, per Vox.