How Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Plans Have Changed

Some may say it was a blessing that Prince Harry happened to be in Europe the week his beloved grandmother died. The Duke of Sussex and his wife arrived on the continent just days before the monarch passed away, with the controversial couple having had a full schedule of speaking events planned in support of their charities (via People).


But now that the royal family's long-serving leader is gone, it goes without saying that Harry and Meghan Markle's plans have abruptly changed. 

On Thursday, the duke headed to Balmoral where the Queen was summering when she died. Incidentally, Meghan did not join him. He then reportedly left earlier than other members of the royal family, including his brother, the Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge (via Sky News).

Today reports that instead of returning to the US, Harry will remain in the UK as funeral arrangements are being made. The country is under a 10-day mourning period, with the announcement of exactly when the funeral is to take place pending (via NBC News).

Town & Country reports the Duke of Sussex will observe the mourning period by wearing dark colors and sporting a mourning band like other members of his family. At time of writing it's unclear whether Meghan is staying by her husband's side, or returning to California. 


It's worth noting that the couple's fans have shown their support on social media for the change in titles their kids have received following the succession switch-up triggered by the Queen's death.