Tucker Carlson Makes His Thoughts About The Queen Loud And Clear

Queen Elizabeth II's death on September 8 has affected people all around the world. For seven decades the queen reigned, making her the longest-running monarch in British history according to the New York Times.

While The Guardian reports that Britain is divided on the subject of the queen's death, with some citing her as a great leader and others calling her a colonizer, world leaders have expressed nothing but condolences and gratitude for Queen Elizabeth (via Reuters).

Nonetheless, on September 8, a day of grieving turned into a day of unapologetic condemnation for some. One viral tweet responded to a report of the queen's participation in keeping Kenya colonized, resulting in over a quarter of a million likes: "Reminder that Queen Elizabeth is not a remnant of colonial times," the tweet read. "She was an active participant in colonialism. She actively tried to stop independence movements [and] she tried to keep newly independent colonies from leaving the commonwealth. The evil she did was enough."

With celebrities like Jeff Bezos and Piers Morgan coming to the queen's defense via Twitter, the topic of the 96-year-old monarch's death became a polarizing one, which is why one man who with a tendency towards controversial opinions is publicly speaking out on the harsh words about Queen Elizabeth's death.

Tucker Carlson hails Queen Elizabeth II as the 'last living link to a truly Great Britain'

The evening of Queen Elizabeth's II death, Fox News host Tucker Carlson took to his conservative talk show to speak on the whirlwind of comments criticizing the Queen, citing the now-deleted tweet by Carnegie Mellon University professor, Uju Anya, who wrote on the social media platform: "May her [Queen Elizabeth II] pain be excruciating." 

While briefly detailing the legacy of Queen Elizabeth's 70-year reign, Carlson took a moment to address social media critics' scathing comments about the Queen's death. "Today on social media, the usual ghouls celebrated her death," Carlson said about the preceding tweet (via Twitter).

Carlson later said, "In an ideal world, there would not be empires, no empires. Only sovereign nations. But we don't have that world, and we never have had that world ... In the real world, the one that we live in, strong countries dominate weak countries, and that trend shows no sign of changing. The very least you can say about the English is that they took their colonial responsibilities seriously. They didn't just take things, they added."

The "Tucker Carlson Tonight" host continued to fight back against tweets arguing Queen Elizabeth and her monarch's ruling colonized many. He concluded his segment by saying, "That's exactly why they're attacking Queen Elizabeth tonight. Not because she was a bad person, she wasn't a bad person; but because she lived during a better time."