Could Prince Andrew Still Become England's King One Day?

As the world mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth, it's the first time in over 70 years that a new monarch has ascended the British throne, causing the topic of succession to be examined more closely. Since he's the oldest son, Charles is now King Charles III. Princess Anne, the queen's second child, was originally third in line, but now she's No. 16. Part of the reason she fell back in line is due to the fact that she's female. Until the Succession to the Crown Act was updated in 2013, men came first when ascending to the throne. For royals born after October 28, 2011, this rule no longer applies.

Prince Andrew is Elizabeth's third child and second son. From when he was a baby, mother and son shared a close relationship, since the queen spent more time with him than his elder siblings. "Prince Andrew will be devastated by the queen's death because he was always her favorite child," royal author Phil Dampier told Daily Mail. "He supported her when she was more frail, and was always there for her in person or on the phone whenever she needed him."

Andrew and the queen were close neighbors, making him a frequent visitor at Windsor Castle, particularly during the isolating days of the pandemic. Over the summer, Andrew spent some quality time at Balmoral, engaging in intense talks about resuming royal duties. Could these responsibilities ever include being king?

At eighth in line, Prince Andrew is a long shot for the throne

Now that King Charles III is the reigning monarch, everyone has moved ahead in the line of succession. As now noted on the royal website, Prince William, Prince of Wales, is now heir to the throne. William's three children come next, making Prince Harry No. 5. Harry's two children are sixth and seventh, with Prince Andrew coming in a distant eighth in line.

While it is quite a long shot, Andrew is still a contender for the crown. Although he is no longer permitted to use "His Royal Highness" for official purposes, Andrew is a prince by birth. As reported by CNN, Andrew was stripped of his military titles and royal patronages in January 2022, following allegations of sexual abuse. 

Even though he's no longer a working royal, it would take an act of Parliament for Andrew to lose his place in the succession line. "The chances of this being mooted as necessary are quite remote," Dr. Robert Morris, a constitution expert at University College London, told the New York Post.

Crown aside, author Phil Dampier does not foresee Andrew making a comeback and getting his royal status reinstated. "With the queen's backing he could possibly have seen a way back, but with her gone that's much more unlikely," he told Daily Mail. "His best bet is probably to find a charity or cause he has not been involved with before, that has no royal connections and work behind the scenes."

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