Why Twitter Is Talking About Biden Inviting Trump As His Guest To The Queen's Funeral

The day Queen Elizabeth is laid to rest will be one that few will ever forget. The queen herself had a heavy hand in planning her own funeral, so everything will be exactly to her specifications. World leaders will be invited to the service, and they will be permitted to choose their own delegation. President Joe Biden has already confirmed he will be attending (via CNN). He has the option of bringing other guests, such as former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. But will he bring a surprising travel companion? 

On his CNN panel show, Jake Tapper suggested that Biden might want to ask Donald Trump to join the U.S. funeral delegation "in the spirit of giving and forgiving." "I think that the clever move is to invite him and see if he goes," Tapper said. He added that if Trump were invited, he would probably fly via his own plane, so as not to be "subordinate on Air Force One."

The very idea sent Twitter users into a tailspin. One fumed, "Trump stole classified documents and kept them at his home! He demanded a new election! He's a threat to national security! He deserves NOTHING!" Another pointed out, "Trump didn't even have the dignity & class to attend Biden's inauguration. Why should he be invited to the queen's funeral?" A witty commenter joked, "I'm surprised Trump hasn't already asked his cult to send him money to pay for the queen's funeral."