How King Charles Was Really Received At Parliament For His First Address

When King Charles III visited Parliament to deliver his first address to the group as King, he first thanked the countless dignitaries and politicians who have given their own tributes to honor the late Queen Elizabeth II (via Daily Mail). Saying that he could "feel the weight of history" upon his shoulders, The King then promised the hundreds of people gathered to hear his speech that he was "resolved faithfully to follow" the example of "selfless duty" his mother set throughout her reign. 

To further honor who he called his "beloved mother," King Charles went on to quote one of England's most widely known and respected artists of all time: Shakespeare. The King stated, "As Shakespeare said of the earlier Queen Elizabeth, she was a pattern to all princes living."

And after what many are calling a short but moving speech, King Charles was brought nearly to tears as he listened to the assembled crowd sing "God Save the King." He has spent the past 70 years hearing Parliament and the people sing "God Save the Queen" to his mother.