The Simple Text Rumored To Have Sparked William And Harry's Reconciliation

William, Prince of Wales, and Harry, Duke of Sussex, may be brothers, but their relationship has been marked by tension more than brotherly love for the last few years. William and Harry's alleged falling out has been a case of "he said, he said," according to rumors. A source told Vanity Fair in 2018 that trouble started brewing when Harry accused William of not doing enough to welcome Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, into the royal family. Another source told Us Weekly in 2021 that William was angered after his brother divulged their "private conversations." After numerous reported slights and tense interactions (via Cosmopolitan), the relationship between William and Harry has seemingly grown icy.

Even as the two stayed in homes located just steps away from each other earlier this month — before there was any sign that Queen Elizabeth II was approaching the end of her days — they reportedly chose to avoid each other (per The Sun).

However, everything seems to have changed following the queen's death. William, Harry, and their wives reunited to greet mourners outside of Windsor Castle, making it the first time the brothers were photographed together since July 2021 (via The Washington Post). While grief may have brought the feuding pair together, a rumored text message was supposedly the real trigger for their meeting.

William allegedly texted Harry asking to reunite

The reunion of William, Prince of Wales, and Harry, Duke of Sussex, made headlines over the weekend, with some reporting that King Charles III was the mastermind behind the pair's temporary reconciliation (via However, royal expert Richard Kay told the Daily Mail that William reportedly had the idea to initiate the meeting — and he did it all through a text message.

Prince William allegedly texted his brother with a proposed time when they could meet and view the flowers left in honor of their grandmother together outside of Windsor Castle. Harry accepted, though The Times notes that some negotiations may have been required before the two faced the public together, leading to a delay. A royal source explained the motivation behind the reunion to the news outlet, saying, "The Prince of Wales thought it was an important show of unity at an incredibly difficult time for the family," (per the Daily Mail).

Previous reports indicated that William was waiting to see his brother until after the release of Harry's upcoming memoir. Given the weight of their grandmother's death, however, William, Prince of Wales, seems to have had a change of heart — at least for now.