Why Princess Anne Was Able To Wear Military Attire Following The Queen's Procession

Tradition dictates that senior members of the royal family act as military members, and for the current royals, there has been no straying from the set precedent. Even Princess Anne, the only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth who died on September 8, has military titles; for her 70th birthday, she was even promoted to General of the Army and Air Chief Marshal of the Royal Air Force, per the BBC.

But as she followed Queen Elizabeth II's casket in a processional through Edinburg from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to St. Giles' Cathedral Royal Navy on Monday, September 12, it was the Royal Navy uniform Princess Anne was dressed in. According to Hello! Magazine, the princess is an honorary Rear Admiral of the Royal Navy and the Commander-in-Chief for Portsmouth.

Presumably part of the extensive funeral plans and mourning protocols surrounding the queen's death, all working members of the royal family who hold military rank were expected to wear military uniforms, People reports. Those adhering to such protocols include King Charles III, Prince Edward, and Prince William, Prince of Wales.

According to the royal website, Princess Anne's other military ranks include Colonel-in-Chief of four cavalry units, two British and two Canadian, and Chief Commandant of the Women's Royal Navy. The Princess Royal also holds the ranks of Commodore-in-Chief of the Canadian Pacific Fleet, Colonel of seven Canadian Regiments, Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal New Zealand Army Nursing Corp, and Colonel-in-Chief of both The Australian Corps of Signals and The Royal Australian Corps of Transport.