What Kate Middleton Had To Say To Mourners At Windsor Castle

Following the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II, fans gathered outside of Windsor Castle, the home the former monarch used as her primary residence during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's no surprise that large groups of mourners came together at the various homes of the queen to pay their respects to the United Kingdom's longest-reigning monarch — she was a beloved ruler. However, it was at Windsor Castle where Catherine Middleton, Princess of Wales, shared words with fans.


Supporters of the queen gathered at Buckingham Palace in large crowds, as well as at Balmoral Castle, where she tragically passed away. While at Windsor Castle, fans not only got to witness a beautiful rainbow over the building as the flag was lowered in honor of the queen, but they also got to chat with the new Duchess of Cornwall.

Catherine was heard telling mourners at the palace, "It's very strange being here without Her Majesty," as well as giving hugs and sharing memories of the queen with them. A few fans got to share some special moments with the royal.

"She's touched everyone's lives globally," the princess added of the queen. It appears that Catherine and Queen Elizabeth II had a special relationship, as a source told Us Weekly she saw William and Kate, the new Prince and Princess of Wales, as the future of the crown.


"Her Majesty sees the Cambridges as the future of the monarchy and trusts Kate and William's judgment implicitly," the source shared, adding that the queen would often mentor Catherine on public appearances.