Here's What Users Dislike The Most About The Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App

Whether you are looking for love or have recently found it, you have likely dabbled in a few dating apps. According to Brides, as of 2019, 30% of people have used a dating app, a large jump from 2013, where only 11% had used one. And while we often hear negative things about dating apps, like the amount of people who ghost their connections or worse, the horror stories (there is even a series on Hulu about this), they can actually be a great tool for finding love.

In fact, the majority of people who have used dating apps report a positive experience. Even if they don't end up marrying their dating app match, they have found profound connections. But even if you are ready to jump into the world of online dating apps, you may be met with another conundrum: How do you choose the right app for you? Before you start downloading, take a look at your options. Of course, there are the mainstays like Tinder and Bumble, but don't sleep on others. Coffee Meets Bagel is marketed as an app that focuses on long-term relationships, per PC Mag, and there is a lot to like about it. But, let's first talk about what users don't like.

Coffee Meets Bagel doesn't give users a lot of control

Every dating app out there has its pros and cons. For example, Tinder has a bad reputation of being a place people go just to "hookup," while Bumble leaves a lot of the work to the women, who have to be the first to message a connection. Still, though, both sites have a long list of successful matches and you likely often hear friends and family saying they met their spouse or partner on the apps.

Some of the newer apps have similar pros and cons. Coffee Meets Bagel was created to give back that easy-going nature of grabbing coffee with a potential connection to get to know them, per Mashable. The interface is quite simple (maybe even too simple, according to PC Mag) but many actually like the app for the way it curates profiles. But while the app gets good reviews, there is one thing users don't like: the lack of control. Each day, you only get a certain number of matches, so the likelihood of matching with someone you actually like is lower than other apps. This can make it hard for someone invested in finding love through an app. Plus, with limited popularity, unless you live in a big city, you may find that there aren't many people to choose from. 

What users like about Coffee Meets Bagel

According to Mashable, at its core, Coffee Meets Bagel is meant for "singles who want a more curated dating app experience without giving up the low pressure of a modern app." This more modern app can be a great alternative to those who may have already exhausted their options on more popular apps like Tinder or Hinge. And while it may limit your control over your match potential, it does have a lot of pros that make up for that. The biggest one? All matches are vetted by other women before you see them on your own app, meaning the likelihood of matching with a weirdo are lower than other apps.

Plus, according to Vida Select, the limited matches can actually be a good thing as it allows users to be more invested in the connections they do make since they aren't being bombarded with options. Plus, this allows busy users to not spend too much time on the app each day. Young professionals make up the majority of Coffee Meets Bagel users, so while it may not be as easy to find a match as other dating apps, the ones you do find are more likely to be substantial and lead to long-term love.