Body Language Expert Explains Meghan Markle's Tense Exchange With A Palace Aide - Exclusive

Royal fans claimed Meghan Markle got scolded by aides over a simple issue, after footage emerged online of the Duchess of Sussex seemingly brushing off a member of palace staff who was trying to help her. Markle and her husband Prince Harry were greeting mourners outside Windsor Castle at the time, as "Finding Freedom" author Omid Scobie noted on Twitter, and she had an armful of flowers but refused to give them up until a second aide insisted. 

Amid criticism over the allegedly rude exchange, a renowned body language expert explained all was not what it seemed. As Mark Bowden, royal commentator and the co-founder of TRUTHPLANE, clarified to The List, "The recent death of Queen Elizabeth is a once in three quarters of a century event. Like any death of a mother or a grandmother people can behave in ways that are unusual. They have no experience in how to deal with a once in a lifetime event."

Bowden continued, "When it's the death of a world icon also — then all bets are off. Meghan is perhaps being asked if she understands the flowers are for the queen. She maybe suggests that she knows that and is collecting them for the crowd to lay with others." Therefore, it may have been a simple misunderstanding. The body language expert also discussed whether Meghan's viral hug was genuine, arguing "a mutual feeling of connection and comfort is there."